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January Getting it Done

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Last stash report of 2012!

Applique Thursday -Last one for 2012

Joy To The World

Design Wall Monday 12/24/12

Stash Report 12/23/12

Applique Thursday 12/20/12

NewFO 2013

On My Design Wall this Monday 12/17/12

Stash Report 12/16/12

Applique Thursday Giveaway

ES on Design Wall Monday 12/10/12

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The Steal Game

Applique Thursday Giveaway

Fabric Tuesday Not

Design Wall Monday, Easy Street & BOMs Away 12/3/12

Stash Report 12/2/12 & Reminder

Applique Thursday Giveaway

Easy Street 11/26/12

Design Wall Monday 11/26/12

Stash Report 11/25/12

Design Wall Monday 11/12/12

Stash Report 11/11/12

Winner of Applique Thursday Book

WIP Wednesday

Design Wall Monday 11/5/12

Stash Report 11/4/12

Applique Thursday & Giveaway

WOW or Work in Progress.

Design Wall Monday 10/29/12

Stash Report 10/29/12

Friday Favorite - Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Applique Thursday 10/25/12

Work in Progress

Design Wall Monday 10/22/12

Stash Report 10/21/12

Applique Thursday Giveaway 10/18/12

Fabric Tuesday or Wow! - I finished them.

Design Wall Monday 10/15/12