Design Wall Monday 11/5/12

Here's what's on my design wall: 
Yep, it's a Halloween charity quilt.  And why am I making this now - LOL.  Well here is St. Anne's members reasoning:  Our quilts are given to low income first time mothers when they come in for their first post-partum visit.  One may have had her baby near Halloween and is gaga about Halloween as a lot of people are. So she may love to have this one for her baby.  I'll actually get to count some of this fabric toward my stash report next Sunday as the sashing and binding will come from my stash - all the rest is scraps from St. Anne's.

What's on your design wall?  Go on over to Judy's Patchwork Times and see what others have up on their walls. That's always fun. 

Oh and don't forget to visit my Nov 1st post for the book giveaway!  Ends Wednesday night.  Lot of people seem to want this book.  It could be yours.


  1. Wow, that is busy....some little one will just love it! Great way to use those seasonal fabrics.

  2. Our family had a Halloween baby a long, long time ago--that quilt would have been just the thing!

  3. Love the fabric! I made a Halloween quilt last year and just found it this past weekend! I hope to have it quilted by next Halloween so I can display it for the trick or treater's.

  4. I think that is very logical....grin. I thought Halloween for so long, it's hard to switch it off.

  5. Looks real cute! Kids love Halloween quilts!!!


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