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is a mess.  Wanted to make another quilt as last week's, but it went awry.  I thought of making each block have a different solid.
Ugh - I didn't like it.  No cohesiveness as before with only one sash color.  So what to do?  I decided to take those blocks I'd made and change them a bit. This I like.  Need to change out the other blocks to decide for sure.  Has this happened to you?  I see the use of making a color drawing first before one starts to make blocks.
I've finished quilting the blocks on that large commission quilt.  Here's another block: Have you guessed what's on the other side yet?  The quilting was getting difficult because the quilt is so heavy.  I've never been one to use gloves, but my hands were getting a rough workout. Maybe I should go to the LQS and buy some.  Then I remembered.  Not long ago, I bought a pair of gardening gloves at the 99 Cent store.  Gave them a try, and they worked! Made moving the quilt around much easier.  With all …

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