the Eleventh Month..

 I have another UFO finished.  Made with red work blocks my mother embroidered,

 and completed with my Irish chain blocks, I'm happy to report this 25" x20" wall hanging is done.

I also worked on another scrappy UFO and made it into a WIP. Here is Quarter TATW

Measures 36" square. It will go to St Anne's for a first time low-income mother.  I'm posting these in Cynthia's Oh Scrap and Judy's Design Wall Monday.  Leave a comment and I'll visit your blog and leave a post too.  Blessings and prayers to you all.

October Table Scrap Challenge

Joy and lime green?  Joy and lime green - hmmm. What could I do with these parameters? Then I got it.

Finishing a quilt top for Jo's Country Junction, I remembered the table scraps I had left over from finishing off this quilt top.  I added a lime green border after a tad of black to finish this one off. And it reminded me of another UFO I'd been working on. It would be a "biggish" entry but it did bring me joy working with all those flowers and birds. And the lime green would make it pop! Measures 35" square.

These were blocks from an exchange that my daughter participated in, and she gave me the blocks several years ago. So I took care of a UFO and the challenge.

Energized by this finish I took another set of blocks - these from my Mom - and got the flimsy done. Now it needs quilting. Here is a Bit of Red Work by Mom. She did the embroidered blocks. I did the Irish Chain ones. Measures 25" x 20".

What are you up to?  Leave me a comment and I'll check out your work. Always fun to go on over and have a look see. I'm linking to The Joyful Quilter, Angela's RSC challenge and Design Wall Monday.

Blessings to you all - prayers for those who need them.

September Table Scraps Challenge

  The month is over - Wow!  It was an eventful September. We had the hottest week starting on Labor day. It was a sweltering over 100 degrees each day - 110+ days.

I got heat exhaustion and that slowwwed me down a lot. I can't do anything when I have HE - just sit and chill. I went online and checked out the temps in Baghdad. They were way hotter than us and their nights were in the 90s!! Made me be thankful for the temps we had.  It could have been worse. I don't know how they do it!!

 But I got my table scrap challenge done about 10 days later. This month the prompt was pumpkin. I found in Quilt World's latest issue a quilt with a pumpkin block in it. Okay I made a trial block.

It's a 12" table topper. I'm going to use it during the month of October as my salute to Autumn.

I also finished a ufo flimsy.  

That's all folks.  How are you doing?  Let me know and I'll visit your blog to take a look. You can see other post of what quilters made out of their table scraps at the Joyful Quilter.  Blessings,

August Table Scraps Challenge

Here it is the last Friday of August and time to post my Table Scrap challenge. I got it done!

I knew as soon as I saw the technique for this month was "embroidery" that I would pick a fun pattern from Jenny of Elefantz one of many free patterns she has offered us. Gosh, I hadn't done embroidery in a while. It took ages to get this done.  And the RSC color was orange, so that was easy. My favorite flower that is orange and pink is the cosmos.  The Autumn scrap item is done.

 I'm linking to Joyful quilter for the Table Scrap Challenge and also to Angela's Scrap Happy Saturday. What have you've been up to?  I love to know. Blessings,

July Table Scraps Challenge

The Table Scraps Challenge theme for this 7th month was Circles, Spots and Dots / PURPLE.  I remembered that I had a UFO that had circles, so dug around and found it. Eureka - a UFO done! This was going to be a full size quilt (48" lap) turned out to be just a 12" topper. One of the prints I used had some purple, so I was able to satisfy that suggestion for the month also.

Circles are hard for me. I'd only done 2 of the 8 in this piece.  What helped me out was acquiring and reading about circles in Ruth B. McDowell's Piecing Workshop. 

I wanted to buy this book way back when, but by the time I found it back in 2009 it was already sold out and copies could only be had for twice the price when it first came out. As much as I wanted it, I wasn't about to pay nearly $60 for it. So I checked it out from the library. That was great! Turned it back in and the next person apparently never returned it, so no book. Ugh. Recently, I checked my go-to online book seller to see if they had it - and they did! For the regular price and new!  I ordered one. If you've always wanted one, they still have some.  This online source is DiscoverBooks .  Well back to circles, Ruth has you clip the concave piece and put it on the top to sew the two pieces together. It worked.  I may practice making a small block with one curve once a week just to get more adept at these. Could be my next leader/ender project.

I FMQed it and followed some lines. The quilting went fast. Here's the back:

For some reason two of the corners don't look quilted, but they are. Now I have four small projects done due to the Table Scraps Challenge. Should have seven, but such is life.

I'm entering the link party for the Table Scraps Challenge and Susan's RSC link party. Also Cynthia's Oh, Scraps on Sunday.

I hope you have something to share. Looking forward to it. Leave me a comment and I'll try to visit to see your goodies. Blessings.

Some of This; Some of That 7/10/22

 Wow, another week gone? Time is getting away from me.  I made a bit of progress on my projects.  But before I show you those, here's a quilt ( I didn't make the top) that I quilted for St. Anne's.  It's rather a coverlet as really it's too hot here to have three layers. So the cotton top and flannel on the back make this quilt covering.

What you can't see here is that this top is quilted.  I think it's because there isn't any batting that the quilting sinks right in and is not that visible. Debby Brown's first quilt in her Color Block QAL (it's free)was like this, but it had a border. She quilted it in a spiral. I did the same, so this time I thought I'd do something a little different and I made the spiral into a cabbage rose outline. Here's a photo that shows some of the curvy petals. This is a photo of the back.
I used a Superior Thread medium gray Microquilter thread - it's 100 wt.  Really like how it blended with all the color on the front as you can see.

Think I'll buy me a cone of this color! Now to the projects:

 On the top left is my Squirrel distraction - caught it and finished the first blue/white block.  To the right of it is my flower centers quilt - added another row. I only had time to make one 9 patch (r/w) for the redwork quilt.  To the left of my leader and ender blocks I pinned the next HSTs for that yellow block. I only need to do some cutting and I'll be able to make another square for some L/E progress.

How did you do? Were you able to put in 15 minutes of progress on some days? I'm going to link to Oh, Scrap! since my projects have a lot of scraps in them - especially that Squirrel one -hehe.  Also linking to Design Wall Monday. Check it out.

Have a blessed week,

the Eleventh Month..

 I have another UFO finished.  Made with red work blocks my mother embroidered,  and completed with my Irish chain blocks, I'm happy to ...