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I'm back from last Summer 2019 Vacation.

and almost nothing done with a needle.  What I did do was hand stitch a sleeve to this 2008 quilt.
It's my china plate quilt about 45" by 55".  It would have been longer,  but I forgot to put a white strip above each row of dishes.   Didn't notice till the top was all done.  I quilted the letter N in each center of the plates.  This was a quilt as you go project. Now it can hung on a wall.

So of course my stitching time has changed very little. Here goes:

15 minute days/week = 2/7 days 15 minute days/August = 12/17 days 15 minute days/2019 = 165/231 Success rate = 71.43%
 Destashed .03 yds with that sleeve, so YTD total is now 44.56 yards. I'm linking to Sunday Stash, 15 Minutes to Stitch, and Slow Sunday Stitching.  Hope you did better than I. PS had a great time in Colorado - will report on that this Thursday.  Blessings,

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