Quilting with Masking Tape

 What with caregiving, I don't have much time for quilting, but I do try to get 15 minutes in now and then.  I've been working on a St Anne's baby quilt that a member turned in for a bit of quilting.  Since these are well used we don't do a lot of quilting on them. When the blocks are large, they need something. This quilt has blocks that measure around 13"- 13.5 " square (rectangles?). So I just wanted something that would keep the three layers together.  This was my first time quilting a quilt after it was bound.  Here's how it went.

1.  Using wide masking tape (almost 2"), I cut pieces to put along the inside edges of the block. Using those as my guide I cut some more pieces of tape and  put them along the inside edges of the first round.

2. Using my walking foot I stitched around the inner masking tape edges. Then I removed the inner tape (last on, first off) and began stitching along the inner edge of the first round of masking tape.

3. With that stitching done, peeled off the tape and my block was quilted.  I used the same tape strips for all five squares. The whole quilt is a large nine-patch. Once I've meandered the other four blocks I'll show it to you.

What are you up to?

It's a Finish - 9/15/21

Just need to wash, block and clip the threads in the back and this will be ready for gifting.  This is a Hoffman digital panel of their Call of the Wild series to which I added a border. I saw the quilt border online but now can't find it to give credit. Sorry!

I found this great flannel back for it. Makes it nice and cozy. This for my mother who at 95 sleeps a lot during the day and is always cold.  I know she'll like it because she loves swans.

It's a Finish 8/16/21

 Yes, it is 8/28/21, but I've just found a few minutes to post these:

This first one is a St. Anne's quilt top I made bigger (51" square)  so we could give to a parishioner who had brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. She did great, but now faces a long recovery.

This second one is my SAHRR (that's Stay at Home Round Robin) which is now completely done and ready to be sent to a family member.
The next two are along with the SAHRR quilt tops I made during the lock down. Members of St. Anne's finished them. That way more than one person prays for the quilt recipient as they are made.

This last one is the back of the first quilt. Didn't have enough fabric, so I made a four patch.
What have you been up to? Stop by and leave a comment of what is keeping you sane as we move through these hard times.  Who am I praying for?  Afghanistan, Ethiopia, the US, COVID and Hurricane victims and of course, you, my friends.  Blessings,

It's a finish 7/20/21

 I finished my panel quilt for the Christmas in July challenge at our guild.  We met today (80 members) for the first time in a year and a half.  We got the panel way back in Oct, 2020 (I think) during a drive by event.  There were quite a few different panels.  Here's mine:

I quilted it using a snowflake motif tutorial by Debby of DebbyBrownQuilts.  She is doing a color block quilt along for the whole year. Each month she has a tutorial on how to quilt the quilt we've made with our domestic home machine.  I'm learning a lot! If you'd like to check it out, go here. Great thing is the previous months are there for you to enjoy and all free. When I saw the motif for June I knew it was perfect for this quilt - snowflakes!  I watched the video several times, used white Superior So Fine thread in the top and silver Superior Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The needle was a 80/12.

Here's the back -  

This back was made from large size scraps from my stash - same for the binding. I'm going to donate it to St. Anne's Sewdality who help low income first time mothers. This is the corporal work of our hands at our parish.

What are you up to?

What I've been up to as of 7/18/21

 It's been a while  - How are you?  I've been pretty busy with my Mom, but she's in Houston for two weeks.  The weather has been hot - 103 today. My poor plants are barely making it.  Here's a few things I've been able to manage:

Our St. Anne's Sewdality finally got to meet in person again a couple of weeks ago.  This is a church group that gets together once a month to make baby quilts for low income families in our parish. I had one to turn in plus 3 quilt tops for members to work on.  Here's mine - you've seen it before, but not finished:

  and the back:

Here's one of the 25 turned in - all from scraps!  We were quarantined but busy.

I finished and am quilting my panel challenge for our guild meeting next Tuesday.  This will be our first in person meeting since March of 2020.  We had zoom meetings, but it's just not the same.  I'll share a photo next time.

Hope you are all well and staying cool if you are in the contiguous US.  Wherever you are, I send Blessings and hugs,

Quilting with Masking Tape

 What with caregiving, I don't have much time for quilting, but I do try to get 15 minutes in now and then.  I've been working on a ...