WIP Wednesday

or what I'm working on.  Actually, my part is done - I just make the charity flimsies and pass them on to other St. Anne's members to work on.  That way at least 3 or 4 of us work on each quilt and pray over them.  But I might get this one back to bind, so I'm calling it my WIP.  And if you'd like to know why I'm working with Halloween fabrics after the date, see my previous post.

Did you have some quilty time this week?  Would love to see it.  I'm linking to Esther's WOW.  Go see what they are doing over there.


  1. Morning Angie, I'm just rushing out the door to Physio, just had to comment on your quilt, some little person is going to love this quilt, so bright and cheerful. I've been buried under things I must do the last 3 weeks and have done nothing major in the quilting area, just finishing off endless quilting projects then when I have then out of the way I can start some thing but then it will be Xmas!!!!!!!!!! All ways enjoy dropping in to your blog. Cheers Glenda


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