The Steal Game

Last year for the Christmas Steal Game at our guild, we were to bring an ornament.  I made this star:
but due to being spatially challenged I didn't finish it in time. See post here for link to pattern.  This year I had it finished and was all set to wrap it when they changed what we were to bring - an 18" pillow cover.  But by golly, I was going to give my ornament!  So I wrapped it up, included a pillow cover flimsie, and filled the box with more Christmas fabric and took it to our meeting.  It was the first opened and stolen.  Here's what I got:

I'm thrilled with it!  Raw edge applique of suede pieces. A wonderful winter scene. Thank you Deanna for your choice.  Just what I like - applique and nature.


Love your ornament...too cute. The deer is just so wonderful....lucky you!!!
Cyn said…
Great story. Love it.
Your star and the pillow are great!
AnnieO said…
The star is really wonderful--as is your new prize pillow cover. Winners all :)