Applique Thursday -Last one for 2012

Still recuperating  from Christmas revelry, a cold and a fall, so not much quilting going on. Last Thursday, I fell going up some steps and did a number on my right leg.  Since I could hobble around, didn't think I'd broken any bones, but yesterday, I'd had it with the pain and went to have it checked out.  The good news is yes, I had no broken bones, but am badly bruised and have a hematoma that is causing the pain.  I'm to keep the leg up for a few days so that it can recover.  It has slowed me down.  Time to do hand work on the sofa.  Unfortunately, I don't have either of my blocks prepped and ready to continue work on, so I'm pulling out this ufo and seeing if I can finish it.  This was a block from  Zena Thorpe  who came to share her applique expertise with us at a workshop a long time ago - maybe more than 10 years ago - maybe twenty.  I'll have to find the pattern and see if there is a date on it. 

What are you up to?  I'd love to see your eye candy - past, present, or future - applique or not - it's all new to me!


So sorry to hear about your fall and the cold - wow! That is hard to deal with both at the same time :( Sending you healing thoughts & many hugs and blessings dear friend!!!
Carrie P. said…
so sorry to hear about your mishap. hope you heal quickly. nice that you found something to work on while you get well.
I will pray for your rapid recovery. Love to see all your stuff.
Hope your leg recovers soon. I love the cloud fabric you used - the perfect 'sky'. I've linked up but it is not quilting or fabric related but Christmas-crafty :) Hope you like it!
Scooquilt said…
So sorry about your fall. Hope you're getting around better soon. No one wants ti be laid up, even in winter. Take care.
OUCH! Keep those feet up and feel better soon.

Maybe I'll have applique in 2013. Love yours.
Mommarock said…
So sorry to hear about the fall. Rest and relax. I am trying to stay warm. It snowed here. Brrr. I am enjoying a visit from my son in the military. Trying to keep him busy and entertained. So not too much going on here stitching wise, but I am sure enjoying myself! I hope you feel better soon and use this as an excuse to get some UFOs done!
Bev C said…
Hope you get better soon. Nothing like being unwell. Happy days.
Rosa said…
Hope you have a speedy recovery.Wishing you a wonderful 2013!!