NewFO 2013


Barbara over at Cat Patches has opened a linky party and giveaway for her 2013 NewFO Challenge.  It's easy.  You just decide what new projects you want to start in 2013 and list them.  LOL - I'm always starting new projects, so this is a natural for me - and it gives me permission to start another one.  I love to start things. Don't even ask me how many UFOs I have - hehe.  But it is hard for me to commit to twelve.  I don't know what quilts I'll just have to make are coming up in the new year. I've already seen some really wonderful quilts on Barbara's and Teresa's list! Therefore, I'm going to show you only one - my birthday present.  Thank you, DH!!  It's a kit:

This is Simpatico of Robert Kaufmann Fabrics, Pattern by Heidi Pridemore adapted for different fabric choices.  It is about 68" square.  I saw it on the wall of our local Bulebird Quilts & Gallery store and just had to have it.  The colors are so vibrant!

So that's my list for now. Others have 12. I'll just have to surprise you for the rest of the year.  Go on over to Cat Patches and see more.  Join in - you know you want to start some new quilts next year!


  1. OMG - that is a gorgeous quilt! I'll enjoy seeing it come to life this year, along with whatever other "surprises" you decide to spring on us! :*D

  2. Start a new project? What a novel idea, I am so bogged down in finishville that anything I'd like to start keeps getting pushed back, down and buried under....stuff.


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