WIPs Be Gone

I have a finish:
 Here's that baby quilt I was quilting.  It was an easy one.  Wavy lines at seams and stars in the middle.

 I used these Crayola markers to mark the stars - only marked the tips of the star and the intersections, and as these are fine line worked well by just lightly drawing. (I learned about these when reading Geta Grama's blog post). When it was all done, I washed the quilt with a SHOUT color catcher and mild soap in warm water on delicate cycle and all the lines came out.  I was worried about that because the marker box said "Wash promptly", and I had those lines on the quilt about 3 weeks.
I just love this flannel back of jungle safari animals.  

I've started another baby quilt.  This one is a panel on which I use the FMQ foot.  

These panels are great for practicing the rhythm of quilting (listening for that just right hum) and having consistent stitch lengths.  Try one.

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The Round is Done

Phew - the star round is done for my Gwennie Inspired Quilt Along.

What took the longest was cutting out the flowers, and then deciding where to put each of them. Now I can get on to the next and final round - the fishy one.  I just have 7 days to come up/work on it -lol.

In the de-stashing report - used only .30 yd on three blocks - one a practice block and two Splendid Sampler blocks, but the commissioned quilt is sandwiched, and I'm raring to go on it.  My YTD total is 42.76 yds . 

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A New WIPs Be Gone Giveaway

  A small finish - another Splendid Sampler block.   And a big finish - that commission quilt is a top.  I'm sandwiching it as you read this. My client saw our June Festival quilt and wanted one like it, but for his favorite team - here's a sample of the University's fabric.
He colored the letter blocks.  Fabric markers were used. Then I took an art pencil and went over the red again as the letters looked orange.  They looked fine by themselves.  It was the deepness of the other red fabric that made them look that way.  

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Applique Tuesday

An applique block for Splendid Sampler. This one is a cute one.  I can see using it as a birthday postcard by adding a candle:
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It's Coming Together

Here's a third of it on my design wall. I'd be farther along if I hadn't sewn two rows upside down.  I didn't mark with my number labels as usual. Going back to that to avoid more seam ripping.  The blocks were colored by the client.  My first delay with this quilt was waiting for the fabric to arrive after purchasing online.  All things take time. I'm linking to Lyn's BOMs Away and a couple of others - tab above.  Link up to WIPs Be Gone and win a book.

Blessing to you and yours.


Stash Report & more

Moira's block
I had to make more blocks for the commission quilt so  used another 1/2 yard.  Tried to make a 12" block I saw online  at the Quilted Snail .  It didn't work, so I asked Moira.  She wrote back that she paper pieced it, so it's back to the drawing board to make the pattern I need, so I can do the same.  So there went .10 yd of scraps. My new YTD total is 42.46 yds . 
Today I want to mark and hand quilt at least one motif on my "ancient one". Sure wish I could get back to one a day - I'd be done by now, but life is full.

What are you up to?  Anything quilty?  Even if it isn't, stop by and tell me about your day.

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FMQ-ing Another Baby Quilt

Quilting another baby quilt - not the flying saucer one as I have to assemble a batting for it - just a bit different.  It's just some 6 1/2" squares I got from the St. Anne's stash.  
I'm quilting it differently by using wavy lines along the sewing lines and stars minimally marked in the centers.  Going along fast.

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WIPs Be Gone Again

I do have a small finish:

This is block #61 of the Splendid Sampler. Think I now have 41 of these blocks. You can still join up - 59 to go - you can make as many as you want or all.

I'm mostly working on the commission quilt. It has 49 blocks and it's taking me awhile.  But I did finally decide on what to do with my Gwennie medallion. Thank you so much for all your suggestions.  They helped a lot.

So I made more flowers: 
I'll talk about that process in a later post. Did some more cutting of fabric, and came up with this:

Made the white round smaller with the narrow strips of the corner fabric and that tied it together for me. It also made the flowers fit.  I have two more sides to complete in between working on that commission quilt. Slow progress forward is progress.

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Design Wall Monday

My wonky stars now inhabit corners of my Gwennie quilt - more later. Their absence is the only change to my design wall except the addition of a few more sawtooth stars and hourglasses.  You can see they are pinned in bunches in places.
Those blocks are growing slowly as leaders and enders.  In fact I'll have to take a few minutes to cut a few more before long.  Giveaway still open - see top, sidebar for more info. Blessings!


Slow Sunday Stitching and More

I now have a plan for my Gwennie Medallion and am working on that, but not ready to show.  Also working on another SS block, but also not much to show. I'm going to go sit down and finish a couple of motifs on my ancient WIP while I listen to Schubert.  After that, it's time to sandwich a neonatal quilt.  This is officially a WIP as I made the top in March.  Time for it to be finished and given.
This will measure 30" square when done.

I fell in love with this darling Michael Miller Retro Rocket Rascals print.
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WIPs Be Gone Awry and a Giveaway

I'm working on a couple of WIPs, but nothing I can show you yet except this one that I really want to get a move on, but ???   I don't like it. Something is missing.  Are the Broderie Pers flowers too small?  Looks like I'll have to go on to plan B.  Ugh.

Well, enough of that.  I'm giving away 100 1" hexagon papers this week. These guidelines apply:   Leave me a comment for one chance.  Link your eye candy for another -linky below. Follow me and let me know for a third. Remember if you don't have a blog, you can always post a photo from a photostream.  Please be sure there is some way for me to contact you. Ends next Thursday, midnight. I'll be linking to several parties. Tab above. Blessings!


Some of This, Some of That

Working on the commission quilt, I had to pull some white solid from my stash - another 1/2 yd gone. Made two more stars and 4 more hour glasses - another 1/2 yd.  Made an SS block 

- another .03 yd for a total of 1.03 yards used last week.  That brings me back to  a YTD total of 41.86 yds.

Over the weekend I was able to get back to my ancient WIP and hand stitched two motifs and prepped another - way behind there as I wanted to do one a day. I've also started on the actual star round for the Gwennie QAL - meaning I'm prepping the applique that goes with those hexi stars I made.  

In making the commission quilt I discovered a trick if you need to cut two diagonals and you don't have a rotating cutting mat (I do, but I can't find it!).

 Place your block on-point on your (stationary -lol)cutting mat. Line up the ruler from point to point. Make your first cut.
Now move your ruler horizontally to line up to the other two corners. Make your second cut.  LOL - it took me forever to stumble on this trick of not having to contort myself to cut that second diagonal.  It may be an old trick to you, or you've seen it done elsewhere (if so, congrats). I'm just so glad I found this as now my cutting is more precise.  That's always a good thing.

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FMQ-ing Again

As you faithful readers know, I make baby quilt tops for St Anne's Sewdality.  Starting this month we're going to try a different process.  Other members will make tops and I will quilt them.  I'll get to practice more FMQ-ing that way (and start linking to FMQ Mavericks again).  Here's the first top (one I made) that was sandwiched and given back to me:
 After all the straight seams were SITD, I did loops around the octagons and serpentined (sp?) around the owls.
I then made four leaf motifs in the cornerstones and then stippled the outside border.
There are cute little flannel owls on the back, too.  

BTW: "I'm participating in the Pink Doxies new link up, #BraveQuilter. As part of the #BraveQuilter link party for September, I going to try a new applique technique (for me) as seen in Lara's book, Crafted Applique ".


My Design Wall and Gwennie

With my two weeks of traveling in August and all the other crazy stuff of the past month, I only finished 3 stars for my next round of my Gwennie Inspired QAL. They're the blue and yellow stars on my design wall.  The fourth is in the final stages of being constructed.

Those hourglass blocks are the first of my leader and ender quilt blocks (as per Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville).  The four sawtooth stars are for a new medallion quilt I started.  The block assembly instructions are from Barbara Brackman's Star in a Time Warp BOW she did last year.  They are a snap.  I don't usually like working with triangles because of the bias, but if one just guides the fabric in doing this star, no problems.

I hope to get back to my Gwennie Inspired this month in between working on the commission quilt I'm hoping to finish soon.  What are you up to?