My Design Wall and Gwennie

With my two weeks of traveling in August and all the other crazy stuff of the past month, I only finished 3 stars for my next round of my Gwennie Inspired QAL. They're the blue and yellow stars on my design wall.  The fourth is in the final stages of being constructed.

Those hourglass blocks are the first of my leader and ender quilt blocks (as per Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville).  The four sawtooth stars are for a new medallion quilt I started.  The block assembly instructions are from Barbara Brackman's Star in a Time Warp BOW she did last year.  They are a snap.  I don't usually like working with triangles because of the bias, but if one just guides the fabric in doing this star, no problems.

I hope to get back to my Gwennie Inspired this month in between working on the commission quilt I'm hoping to finish soon.  What are you up to?


Magpie Sue said…
You're not the only one who didn't get enough stars made. I haven't made one yet! I intend to however, while I'm thinking about how to do something fishy for the final round. Hasn't this been fun? :-)
Lori said…
Such pretty stars! You'll get back to it when you can, I'm sure.
I love those stars--they are going to look so great around your medallion!
You know I love stars. With all your traveling you still sew more than me....giggle.
It's no wonder you weren't able to finish them, they look pretty labor intensive to me. They are stunning and will be beautiful in the finished quilt!
All in good time. Looks like you have some great projects going.
Nancy said…
Your stars will be beautiful. I can't wait to see how you use them in the border. (Some months are just like that ... too much to do!)
--Nancy. (ndmessier @,
Miaismine said…
Your design board looks fun and happy! Love those stars! I wonder, how did you get that beautiful yellow part in there? It's gorgeous!
desertskyquilts said…
Your Gwennie stars are great, and so are your hexagon flowers. Looking forward to seeing your new Gwennie border.
Sandi said…
Love your blue and yellow stars! I thought labour day was our deadline so I wasn't even started on the first..but I'm done now!

Looking forward to you finisjed.