Some of This and That

I took hand stitching with me on my trip.  What with interacting with family, travel restrictions and other fun sewing at both destinations, only got a bit done. One star in CO and one here.  Two Gwennie inspired stars:

Two to go.  

I used about two yards for Lily's Quilt and 3/4ths yd for the quilt repair and a tenth for these two stars. I also bought 3 yards of fabric that I am keeping, so my YTD total ending August is 40.83 yds.

Speaking of traveling, I was in awe of the huge mountains (really, volcanoes) I saw from the plane and in Vancouver (Mt. Hood).  This is from the plane on the way to CO, and believe it is West Crater - Mt Hood would have been on the right side - I was sitting on the left side and saw three of them north of the Columbia almost in a row.  The other two may have been Indian Heaven and Mt Adams. WOW.
DS#2 took me on a scenic drive from Horsetooth Reservoir to Estes Park to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park.   What a beautiful drive through Drake and Glen Haven!

In Glen Haven we stopped for fudge and to admire the gorgeous quilts - all for over $1K each.  On the way back, we stopped in Drake for a cherry pie - yum!  And our destination:
Phone was acting up again, so I bought a postcard - looked like this but without the fall color.  Had lunch in a restaurant next to the Fall River Visitors Center.  It was a wonderful day.


  1. Every stitch counts! And you have great memories to go with those stars!

  2. I think the Gwennie inspired stars are lovely and the NP looked amazing. We haven't been there yet!

  3. That is my kind of trip. And I love few things better than a 'general store.' Quilts AND fudge??? It doesn't get any better.


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