And in Fort Collins

I got to do some sewing also.  DS#2 was gifted years ago with a quilt from DD.  He uses it a lot,  and the quilt had come to the point where it needed repairs.
 One of the bandannas needed to be replaced.  I was so happy I had read Sandra Hatch's book, llustrated Guide to Vintage Quilting (Master Quilter's Workshop).  She shows you how to repair an old quilt.  So I knew what to do.  Went to the LQS.  They happened to have some bandanna fabric. Bought 3/4th yard (I needed a 21" square), some Perl cotton thread, and a sharp tapestry needle. Fortunately, I had pins, invisible thread, and a seam ripper in my hand quilting box to round out my supplies.  Back at DS's , I removed the torn square, inserted the fabric and whipped stitched the square in place.  Again, I had to use a carpenter's tape and a straight edge and the scissors I bought to cut it.  I used the Perl cotton to tie the square once I was done inserting the block.
It is a big quilt - queen size - the one photo I took of it was too dark to show. And hand sewing?  Didn't get much done on that - I'll show how far I got in my Kathy's Slow Stitching post.


  1. Isn't it funny how using scissors to cut fabric is ruffing it now?

  2. Thanks for the beautiful photos. The quilt looks good as new.


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