WIPs Be Gone

I had made this top some time ago and found the perfect back for it.  I took it to the retreat and was able to finish it there.  It only has the two flannel layers. Technically it is a baby coverlet.  Should work just right for our hot summers.

The strips are from other quilts that St. Anne members made either as a tube quilt or a back. That makes it a scrap quilt, too.

I found this totally cute backing flannel. Liked it so much, bought a bunch.

My DH came up to the patio with this bouquet for me. It's an echinopsis plant. The flowers only last for a day, but oh how lovely while they lasted.

I'm linking to some parties today. You can see where under the linky tab:  linky parties.


  1. Great job on the baby's coverlets. Lovely flowers. Wow! I'm impressed at their size. They must smell just divine. ;^)

  2. Those look like great warm weather covers. Nicely done! Lovely flowers and lovely the man who brings them.


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