Design Wall Monday

I'm back from a wonderful retreat.  I'll have pics and more to say once I relax a bit and get back into the normal routine.  In the meantime I left up on my design wall an isolette cover for the NICU:

The brown is more like the dog ears. Don't know why the photo didn't turn out. Ah, I see. Camera was set to auto not indoors.  Anyway, it is a softer brown.  The cover measures 32 1/2" by 46 - the size they asked for.  It will have a dark back to help block out the light for the preemies.  The center block is made up all from left overs and squares cut off while making Nearly Insane # 3.

What are you up to?  Go over to Design Wall Monday to see more DWs.


Judy Hansen said…
Cute little doggy fabric. Thanks for your quilts for the NICU., I'm sure you are appreciated. Thanks for linking up with Design Wall Mondays.
margaret said…
this will make a lovely prem cover
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi - how nice of you to make a nice quilt for the premature babies. It just warms my heart to think of them enjoying it, being all safe and warm. ~smile~
em's scrapbag said…
Very nice. Thanks for sharing with Moving it Forward.
Julie said…
It is always nice to know that quilts you make go to a good cause.
The puppy dog fabric is darling- a real day brightener ! What a wonderful idea to make quilts for the N.I.C.U.- so greatly needed and appreciated. Hugs and warm wishes, from Marina and Daryl Lynn