And then there were three

Here's my third green scrappy block for the 2017 RSC

For the quilt I have in mind the blocks have to be 9" finished. In the I Love to Make Quilts version, it is a 12" block. I've finally worked out a method to make reducing the block less complicated for me.
I see what the size of the finished pieces have to be and then add a 1/2" to the measure. For instance for the one above.  The middle of this 9 patch is twice the size of the corners, so my pieces have to be 1/4th the finished size.  So I divided 9 by 4 and got 2 1/4".  I added the 1/2" seam allowance and squares for the corners  should cut at 2 3/4".   The middle rectangle is 2 3/4" twice, but since this is a long rectangle, one subtracts the 1/2" seam allowance as there is no seam in the middle.  And so it goes...

At retreat, we do make and takes.  They give us a kit and we make it.  Most of us are usually learning a new technique when we do this.  Our first make and take was to make a name tag.  Here's mine.
We had three birds to choose from.  Here's my daughter's:
She stuffed hers and braided the feet.  Wish I had taken more pics of my Mom's and DDIL's.

I'm linking to Angela's RSC 2017.


  1. Cute name tags! I don't know which one I'd prefer. Neat that you got to go with family to a retreat. I like your green block, too.

  2. useful info for altering blocks some are easy to enlarge or make smaller but some not so. Loving your badge so good to have other members of the family that share your love of stitching.

  3. The name tags are so cute. Great job! ;^)

  4. Love those name tags, what a fun project.

  5. Pretty GREEN block, but those name tags are ADORABLE!!!

  6. That's one of my favorite greens; great block! Love you little name tag. :-)

  7. Sorry but you lost me after the first sentence. I admire you math ability. But the block looks great, so you obviously got it right. Keep up the good work! Love your birdie.

  8. Your green block is lovely! And those birdie name tags are so "tweet"!!!


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