Two More Make Five

On my Design floor this Monday is my completed 5 blocks for the RSC 2017 challenge.  The left and right blocks of the first row are new.  Wonder what the challenge color will be for June?  We should know soon from Angela.

I managed to use 1.66 yards finishing baby coverlet at retreat and three blocks. My destashing total is now 47.98 yds so far this year.  I may yet get to 50 yards (my half way point) in June.

What are you doing this long weekend?  We've said prayers for those who gave their lives for our safety and freedom.  Long may they be remembered.
A Veteran's quilt I made in 2011.

A quilt of valor made by me and two of my neighbors. From 2006


  1. I'm in awe! 50 yards of fabric so far this year is amazing. That's like an average of 4 whole bolts, and past my limit of what I can carry up the stairs most days. You have been super productive.

    Thank you for sharing your red, white, and blue quilts. I enjoyed the quilt picture of you and a neighbor, but am curious which is you?

  2. Love the green blocks! I'm always eager at this point in the month to see what color is next.

  3. Nice variety of green blocks. Congrats on the destash progress. I'm trying to do that too!

  4. Love the sneaky little bluey/green triangle in the bottom block. Always good to use your scraps wisely!

  5. I have our guild's retreat next month...sure look forward to the dedicated sewing time.
    My sewing room is a mess, but in there the other day I realized just how much fabric I have (mostly scraps given to me by others) I need to get busy and stay that way!


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