Last Design Wall for 2010

Scraps are being used up in this rolling nine patch that I am working on to have less seams and pieces to cut.
So far I have two - I usually like to make four and  fiddle with sewing order.  I'm liking these even though they will probably be my first ufo for 2011!

LOL - ever the Serial Project Starter.   You can see what others have on their design wall by going over to Judy's Patchwork Times


  1. Looks like a fun block to use with scraps.

  2. Hey, I was in a 9 patch exchange a couple years ago...have 144 9patches to make into something...I think I'll try this with them...make it scrappy.

    Thanks for posting this and giving me the idea.


  3. Hey, that's what I have too--Serial Starting Disorder! Thanks for putting a name to it. The blocks look great!

  4. I like the nine patch blocks a lot. I have lots of nine patches, perhaps I should try this.

  5. These are awesome. I love how they look and I might try to do this with some of my blocks if I ever get organized enough. I have some small blocks that would look great with this done to them on the outside - great! And we know I have a ton of scraps. Thanks Mom!

  6. Oh this is such a cool block! Looks like fun to make.


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