Final 2010 Stash Report

Well I use almost a 1/2 yard of scraps so that much went out.  And I bought nothing, so yes, I can definitely say this year my stash was reduced by a smidgen - at least the buying frenzy has gone.  Maybe it's because I didn't go but to one quilt show, no quilt runs, and hardly any stores.  And I resisted buying online also.

I hope to be able to post a Grand Total in 2011.

Blessings in the New Year and may your stash diminish as your quilts pile up for warm comfort and sharing,


judith said…
I have been using more and not buying any. Hope to use what I have so my children won't have to deal with in the end. That gives me plenty of time if the Lord tarries.
Blessing to you and yours also.
Mommarock said…
Gosh, I hope just the opposite.. I hope my stash becomes a stash.. I want incoming fabric..I'm new to quilting, so I'm not having the same fabric problem (yet)... I hope to be having it in the future :)