WIPs Be Gone Week 31

Some progress on a couple of WIPs - specifically #7 and #11.

Don't have a photo of #7 - but it's the Bird of Paradise and I finally figured out what I'm going to do with it and found fabrics for two borders.  I was going to make it a pillow, but as it is raw edge applique, I've decided it's too delicate for that. So I'm making a wall hanging.  I hope to have a photo for next Friday.

WIP #11 is another long term project - it has 49 blocks, I think.  I got two more blocks done:
 They were so easy I don't know why I hadn't done them before. Guess I couldn't find my round-to-it. Working on a third one - it has applique.

Oh, and I finished another B3 quilt top - this is for the August offering at the Guild. Now to send off the pattern to my three testers.  Measures 30" square for the NICU at local hospital. A great one for large prints.

What are you up to? Would love to see it, whether finished or WIP progress or an old post. Share your goodness. Linky below ends Monday, midnight.

I'm linking to Amanda's Finish it Friday, Richards Link A Finish Friday, Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop? because I did finish something, and on Monday with Lyn for BOMs Away because I worked and made blocks.  Bye for now.


Some of This and That on Monday

Gosh, it's been since May that I've done a de-stashing report.  I was at a YTD total of 46.39 yards.  Now let's see what I've used since then. Let me calculate:
Made a quilt for my DGS's preschool teacher - 2yards; various hexie flowers - .10 yard; a mug rug - .25 yard; a new charity quilt top - .75 yard; a backing for my elephant quilt - 1 yard; eight blocks for my VA quilt - .33 yard; and a back for my VA quilt - 1 yard for a grand total of 5.43 yards - not very good for 2 months!  But I'm happy to say I went through my stash and pulled approximately 20 yards of pieces of fabric to sell at my guild's annual yard sale at the  August meeting.   So that is much better and I can report  YTD total of 71.82 yards de-stashed.

On my design wall is another charity top I'm working on:
This is using some of those blocks children colored for us at the festival.  This is a free pattern offered by Luana at Equilter. You can see it here. Easy peasy.

What are you up to?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by to see your latest.  Blessings, all!


WIPs Be Gone Finish

When I saw Lorna's Elephant Parade's first block, I knew I had to make a baby quilt using it since my God Daughter in Law[who was expecting a baby] is from Thailand, and the elephant is the symbol of the nation.  I got busy finding the right fabrics from my stash. Then I had to wait til I knew if it was going to be a girl or boy before I picked something for the little elephant.  Then I realized that the block made an African elephant

and the Thai elephant is an Asian elephant. Off to do research - the Asian elephant has smaller ears and the female doesn't have tusks.  So I redid the mother elephant block and waited some more. It wasn't til the end of March that we learned there was a good chance it would be a girl. So I remade the baby elephant block.  I put the basic top together.  Now how was I going to incorporate more about Thailand in this quilt?  Here's what I did:

1. There is a lot of vegetation and jungle in Thailand, so I took the 1/2 yard of fabric left from the border, lined the back with fusible interfacing and cut out leaves to extend the motifs into the quilt.

They were ironed on and machine appliqued using invisible thread, a 60/8 needle and Bottom Line thread in the bottom. This took a while.  And Baby Saige arrived while I was doing that step.  Then I decided to quilt a temple into the sky left of the elephant -there are lots of temples in Thailand.  So going back on the NET, found some ruins, made a copy, hung it on a window and traced it onto that golden paper for quilters.
 I then pinned it in place on the quilt and started outlining it.
Then I decided to do some letter work and found "welcome" in Thai and did a bit of stencil thread work to write that on the quilt.
I wanted to place the baby's name also, but there just wasn't room. Above is just part of it.  It didn't show up very well, but Waen spotted it right away.  With all the rain Thailand gets in a year, straight lines in the borders seemed just right. More quilting - quilted the mother elephant and surrounding sky using FMQ and a bit of ruler work on her ear.

Actually the blue foliage around the feet was the hardest. So here is my Elephant baby quilt gifted today to Saige M. Welcome little one.  I'm only 3 months late.
What are you up to?  I'd love to see your progress - quilty or otherwise.  Linky below - ends Monday, midnight.
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                                                                                          Angie in SoCal


Those leaves

Sarah of Sarah Did It asked, Did you create the shape or is that a pp.com pre-made shape?

Yes, I did create the shape, Sarah.  Here's how I did it:

Took a hexagon paper, folded it in half to make a half hexagon, and then cut a gentle curve from the lower left point to the topmost point. That's my template.  You can attach in two ways.  Sew to the sides of the hexagon flower as you would attach any hexagon, or leave those two bottom side seams flat and slip under your flower when you go to attach it to a background.  I sort of did the latter with my bullseye quilt, but they were raw edge applique leaves where I wanted to add some texture to my top.

Thanks for asking, Sarah.  Still haven't found that stabilizer.  Wonder what this was about? Scroll down to my last WIPs Be Gone post.  Blessings!


Applique Tuesday

I was going to machine applique some flowers to the blue background, but I realized I have to iron on stabilizer first. Wonder what I did with it.  ??  So I went ahead and finished the quilting on those two quilts:
Here I'm binding the elephant quilt.  I can't show it until it is gifted - maybe by Friday - we'll see. The other is a charity quilt and I'll show that Friday, too.

What are you working on?  Would love to see.  Leave me a comment and I'll come by.


WIPs Be Gone again

I decided what to do with my hexie flowers now that I have all 36 made.  Here's my notion how to proceed for now:
I'm going to add leaves to a few of them that will extend to the block on the sides of it, so those tips will have to be sewn down once the top is put together. Another step closer to getting WIP #3 done.

 It's sitting on one of the two quilts I'm quilting right now. It's another baby quilt I have to finish by Tuesday.  I'll show you more when I'm done.

What are you up to? Would love to see whether finished or WIP progress. Share your goodness. Linky below that ends Monday, midnight.

I'm linking to Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?and Lizzie's Free Motion Mavericks. Lots of goodies there.


Yet Again

no Applique on Tuesday except for the machine applique I finished on the border of the elephant quilt, but I did finish the last hexie flower for my WIP #3!  Yeah - all 36 done.
 Now I have to decide how I want to put them together. Hmmm. I've also been quilting my elephant quilt. Waiting for a thread from Superior. Had nothing the right color to finish the foliage.
Trying a few different motifs.

Let me know in a comment what you've been up to, and I'll come by for a visit. Blessings!


Slow Sunday Stitching

First, the linky party to show us your progess on your projects is still open - ends Monday, Midnight.
Go here to link up and share with us your work.

Another  flower for WIP #3.
These go together so fast now that I know how to do them using Karen H's donut method.  I'm linking to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.  Maybe I'll make another of these today.  I may only have three more to go. I should go count them.


WIPs Be Gone Week 28

I have a finish.  This was started just a few months ago, but since it has been months, I'm calling it a Work in Progress as I did keep working on it once I started it - not religously but now and then.
You saw it first 5/8/15

Then I had major problems with the second star because I cut some pieces wrong but didn't discover it until I tried to put the two stars together.  Got that done and then had to try to quilt it while my DGD was here for two weeks.
Finally got it all quilted:
Then bound:
It has freezer paper work, stencil work and FMQ.
It was my latest VA project.  It is based on a pattern by Shelly at Praire Moon Quilts. You can get the pattern and read more about it here

What are you up to? Would love to see whether finished or WIP progress. Share your goodness. Linky below that ends Monday, midnight.

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Applique Tuesday

Our guest appliquer this week is Lily!  She wanted to put together something else.  I gave her a piece of background, around 10 x 12" I marked with a Frixion pen a 1/2" line in from the sides. I gave her a box of scraps and a glue stick.  Then I told her to paint a picture with the scraps - any color, size, shape she wanted.  Once she had them where she wanted them, I had her turn them over and rub some glue on the backs and replace to where she wanted them and pat them down.  This took her about an hour to do - I was able to get some quilting in while she created.  When done, we cut a like size piece of batting and I let her pick a back.  She picked colorful flowers. You can see the print in the border.  I cut the back an 1 1/4 larger than the front, sandwiched and did raw edge applique on the machine.  Here's Lily's piece:
I suggested she use it as a placemat. She looked at me affronted and said, "It'll get dirty, Grandma!" She's going to put it on the end table near her bed.

And on my design wall - another baby quilt top. This measures 30".
 I love those owls!

What have you been up to --applique or other wise?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by and take a look at your eye candy.  Blessings!


WIPs Be Gone #27

One for WIP #3. I'll pull fabric for another one tomorrow for Slow Sunday Stitching.
That's all I had time for with DGD Lily here. She did some hand stitching earlier in the week. See my No Applique Tuesday post.  Would love to see your progress. Linky below. Closes Monday, midnight.  Blessings!

Since I finished a hexie flower, I'm linking to Amanda's Finish it Friday, Richards Link A Finish Friday, Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?