Applique Tuesday

I was going to machine applique some flowers to the blue background, but I realized I have to iron on stabilizer first. Wonder what I did with it.  ??  So I went ahead and finished the quilting on those two quilts:
Here I'm binding the elephant quilt.  I can't show it until it is gifted - maybe by Friday - we'll see. The other is a charity quilt and I'll show that Friday, too.

What are you working on?  Would love to see.  Leave me a comment and I'll come by.


Gina said…
No applique for me this week, yet. I'll have something for you next week though. Well if I haven't had a breakdown appliqueing sequined fabric onto a quilt.
Sandra said…
I recently got 2 quilt tops done. No idea when the quilting will get done on them.

Accroquilt said…
I'm quilting a paper pieced top and working on my Baltimore Garden Quilt. I'll be back to see your quilts.
Kate said…
Sadly, I'm not working on much this summer - not sure if I've lost my mo-jo or if I'm just enjoying summer. :) Usually I do most of my Christmas stitching over the summer. Mind you, yesterday I did make a pair of pillow cases from a stray sheet so all is not lost, lol.
I haven't been working on applique lately - just lost my interest for it right now and those two projects are set aside, right now I am dividing my time between hand quilting and machine quilting - well be glad to get the machine quilting done and get my room back - I do not have good room for it and my tables are spread out - I want to fold them back up and put back into the closet so I can get to my cutting table.!
Wonder what I did with it is my most common saying around here.....grin. Lovely quilt Angie!
desertskyquilts said…
Not working on applique, sadly. That has fallen completely by the wayside in my quilting life the last few years. I look forward to seeing your elephants!