Applique Tuesday

Our guest appliquer this week is Lily!  She wanted to put together something else.  I gave her a piece of background, around 10 x 12" I marked with a Frixion pen a 1/2" line in from the sides. I gave her a box of scraps and a glue stick.  Then I told her to paint a picture with the scraps - any color, size, shape she wanted.  Once she had them where she wanted them, I had her turn them over and rub some glue on the backs and replace to where she wanted them and pat them down.  This took her about an hour to do - I was able to get some quilting in while she created.  When done, we cut a like size piece of batting and I let her pick a back.  She picked colorful flowers. You can see the print in the border.  I cut the back an 1 1/4 larger than the front, sandwiched and did raw edge applique on the machine.  Here's Lily's piece:
I suggested she use it as a placemat. She looked at me affronted and said, "It'll get dirty, Grandma!" She's going to put it on the end table near her bed.

And on my design wall - another baby quilt top. This measures 30".
 I love those owls!

What have you been up to --applique or other wise?  Leave me a comment and I'll come by and take a look at your eye candy.  Blessings!


margaret said…
good to see your granddaughter is showing so much talent at such a young age, checked her out in your family matters section and see she is only 5. Obviously takes after you with her stitchery.
Very nice block from you too

Well done Lilly
KaHolly said…
Oh, my goodness, Lilly's work is amazing! She's a lucky girl to have such a fun Grandma!
judith said…
It is so fun being a grandma to a lil sewer, and a talented one at that. Good times, Angie.
Deanna said…
Lilly did a wonderful job!! Yes! A budding lil sewer. You're a wonderful inspiration to her! Won't be long and she'll be making little quilts!
Clare Moore said…
Great work passing on your skills. I think she did really well. Such wonderful memories you are creating.
Yea!!! Lily and Grandma! I have one granddaughter that make a little critter out of a piece of fabric. She wanted a little kit for felting little critters. My son said she got it yesterday and did all 3. Maybe there will be someone to leave my stash to after all....grin.