Design Wall Monday 5/31

I worked a little bit on my scrappy dresden and it's back on the wall again.  I'm sure you can guess what comes next.  First one to leave a comment and guess right, gets a bag of scraps sent to them - LOL!


For all who serve

In honor of all who serve, I made a block contribution to our Soldier's Angel project this Memorial Day weekend.  The guild is gathering 12" blocks to make into quilts.  Here's the unit I'll be turning in next meeting.  I had a challenge putting it together.  The pattern I had was for an 8" block and I had to convert it to a 12".  The problem was the stripe piece has 5 pieces and I had to figure out what each piece would be that would line up with the star.  If I'd made the star first it would have been a piece of cake, cuz all I'd had to do was measure that smallish stripe in the flying geese unit and I'd have known what the others had to be.  I now have enough strips to make some crazy unit to give a third block.


Two UFOs

Well, I finished 2 more ufos - these were small.  I had taken out a larger one to do but didn't feel like tackling it right now, maybe later.  The purse (ufo #8) is one I got from a demo night at our guild.  Sally Hanson came and gave us a lesson on how to put the purse together.  I bought a kit.  It's just taken me a couple of years or so to get done what she did in one night - LOL.  There is a velcro tab closure at the top.   The other ufo (#9)  is made from left over flying geese I made when I was making the border for my daughter's quilt in 2005.  I don't like working in black and dreaded doing the binding - but sewing the binding on to the back and bringing it over to the front made it very easy for me to machine finish it. Now who do I give these to?


Design Wall Monday 5/24

Here's what I've done so far on my scrap coverlet. Not much but at least I got once around the medallion dresden block with some strips I had and some red larger leftover squares. It measures more true as a rectangle now.  Phew!  I have an idea for this week of what to look for, but first I have to decide how I am going to quilt this row around the middle. Any suggestions of what you would add would be greatfully appreciated.


Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry

I'm still tickled pink my Oriental Spring won a ribbon at the Valley Quilter's Quilt show this year.  I made this back a while but it has always been been one of my favorites.  I learned a lot about applique and quilting doing it.  The flowers are 3 dimensional and the quilt is reversable.  I made a circular design on the back to honor the Japanese tradition to use these in their quilts.  I really like how the iris came out.  And I love red.  So this is my entry for the Spring Bloggers Quilt Festival. To join the festival, click on the button below.  There are a lot of beautiful quilts there!    


Design Wall Monday

Okay, here is what I have on my design wall (err make that carpet)or had that is. One orphan block - well, actually I have 13, but I've come up with a design for the other 12 and are approximately 17" squarish, so that makes this an orphan. I've decided to make a coverlet(that's a quilt without batting) as a summer throw. This is going to be totally from my scraps. In keeping with that I've picked an old curtain of which you can see the back under the dresden plate block. I got that at a fabric swap as I really liked the print. So first order of business is to machine applique the block to the center of the backing. Yes, this will be a "quilt as I find to add".


UFO #7

Okay, it's just a pre-printed/quilted panel. I just refuse to call it a cheater panel - LOL. I added the binding. It was a ufo cuz I bought it out of a bargain bin with every intention of making a baby quilt, so to me it qualifies as a ufo - it was waiting to get finished.
This one's going to the local crisis pregnancy center. Thin - just right for summer. Now to find UFO #8.



UFO #6 Round Robin

Another of the countless ufos is done. Here is a round robin my online group (quiltsonreview at yahoo groups) hosted in 08. I specifically requested a smaller robin because I want to hang this in our master bathroom. I made the poppy in the center in a sulky class in the late 90s at the Road to California Quilt Show. It was a lot of fun, ladies! Thank you for your beautiful contributions. I especially liked that we did a journal to go with it, but can I find it?! LOL I'm sure it will turn up as I continue to destash. Here is the back:


Design wall Monday 4/25

Okay, I'm late, but the last two weeks have been way too busy. So here is the quilt that was on my design wall a couple of mondays ago. I don't have a wall any more to hang the blocks from - LOL , it's behind the boxes that have materialized from somewhere - you know how that happens, so I use the carpeted floor in the guest room. Here it is quilt top together, sandwiched and I'm quilting it. The blocks are 6 inches without the sashing. I like to use freezer paper to quilt a motif. On the left here is the finished quilt. I call it Fielding Nine - it's an opportunity
quilt for the baseball league my DGS is in. He plays T-ball. They need funds to pay the summer water bill and the proceeds are going toward it.

I used the left over fabric from the front and a little white to make the back. They are a Christian Athletic League and thought this would be apropriate.


UFO #5 for this year is

Bullseye Blossoms. These bullseye blocks were from a few years back from the online group Quilter On Review. I made 25 for the swap and cut into fourths and send them to our Swap Lady. She returned them and I made the ones you see as the border. When I had assembled them, I realized the quilt was smaller than I wanted, so I had to think of something to make it bigger. The blocks measure 8" finished. I searched the web images and didn't find anything I wanted to tackle, and then I thought of all those circles I had cut out of the backs when I was making the bullseye and the blossoms were born. These are all raw edge appliqué, so it was a breeze to put together and to quilt. I made it my quilt as I go way - lol - this time I could do the whole center and then just added the borders. I'm keeping this one.