UFO #5 for this year is

Bullseye Blossoms. These bullseye blocks were from a few years back from the online group Quilter On Review. I made 25 for the swap and cut into fourths and send them to our Swap Lady. She returned them and I made the ones you see as the border. When I had assembled them, I realized the quilt was smaller than I wanted, so I had to think of something to make it bigger. The blocks measure 8" finished. I searched the web images and didn't find anything I wanted to tackle, and then I thought of all those circles I had cut out of the backs when I was making the bullseye and the blossoms were born. These are all raw edge appliqué, so it was a breeze to put together and to quilt. I made it my quilt as I go way - lol - this time I could do the whole center and then just added the borders. I'm keeping this one.


  1. I love that quilt. I would have never thought of putting those two different blocks together but they look great. I have always liked the bulls eye block and will make one too. I really like the way the applique flowers look. Very good job.

  2. Thank you Estee. I only thought of it cuz I had all those circles!

    What are you working on?

  3. Well how cute are those blossoms???? Never would have thought of that. My bullseye is in the works, just have not finished swapping to put it all together yet.


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