Two UFOs

Well, I finished 2 more ufos - these were small.  I had taken out a larger one to do but didn't feel like tackling it right now, maybe later.  The purse (ufo #8) is one I got from a demo night at our guild.  Sally Hanson came and gave us a lesson on how to put the purse together.  I bought a kit.  It's just taken me a couple of years or so to get done what she did in one night - LOL.  There is a velcro tab closure at the top.   The other ufo (#9)  is made from left over flying geese I made when I was making the border for my daughter's quilt in 2005.  I don't like working in black and dreaded doing the binding - but sewing the binding on to the back and bringing it over to the front made it very easy for me to machine finish it. Now who do I give these to?


  1. These two might be small UFOs but they are awesome as usual--you do great work Angie.

  2. that little purse is just adorable and so wonderfully colorful!! like the black and your idea for the binding is a good one--i struggle with bindings all the time. i could figure out how to respond to your comment on my blog!! so...the comfy quilts i make are pieced fronts. a fiesta pattern is shown on my feb. 16th post--basically 8.5 in, square with a strip of four 2.5 inch squares on top (i sew long 2.5 in. strips together then cut them 2.5 in. wide) i generally sew down every seam with fancy stitches on my machine similar to a crazy quilt. i usually embroider something in 1/2 the large squares on the embroidery part of my brother before sewing everything together. when basted, i use just a fancy machine stitch in center of the other squares to quilt it. most times i add a 2-3 inch strip between each column and fancy stitch down those. usually sew a simple binding, have done a folded continuous binding or can be made like a pillow top and turned. hope that helps!!

  3. Congrats on finishing another UFO! Very beautiful! You're really working hard on the UFO's, how many do you have? I had a 'UFO-rush' earlier this year, finished 14. :) You're making beautiful quilts! Keep it up! :)


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