My Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop Date is Here!

Hello, it's the 3rd day of the Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop. My turn to show you the book I pulled off my bookshelf  and from which I made a project.  It was published in 1993 - only 27 years ago - lol.  I picked it up maybe 10 years ago and had not done anything with it.  I was about to take it to the giveaway table at our monthly guild meeting when Bea at ( called out for participants for her blog hop.
Here is Quilts for All Seasons - a compilation of quilt patterns popular then.

There were lots of projects for each season, and I still found some that once made my bucket list, however here is the one I chose:
I'm trying to make something for each season. This looked like something I would like for Fall. So decided to make a table runner of three blocks.  One of the drawbacks to this book is that there are few instructions for each of them.  I think that's how they got so many into the book. This quilt had three pages - the one above and these two:

While reading the directions, I realized I needed to wait til I learned a few more quilting techniques.  Good thing I found out how to make four flying geese at once instead of one at a time from templates.  They never mentioned truing up blocks at each stage - that made a world of difference to accurate piecing.  And it was a weird size block.  Oh well - off to design my own design of the block - Wild Goose Chase.

So first block: the setting triangles I came up with were too small - back to the drawing board.  Got it right on the second try and then finished my first block. All the fabrics were from my scrap pile except the large print that came from my stash - and dated from the 90s!  To make sure I could true it up to 13 1/2" square I oversized the setting and corner triangles to make sure I had the correct seam allowance. So I made the first block and trued it up. Wrong - once I had the others made I realized I should have waited til I'd made all the blocks and trued them to the smallest one. So the first block became a place mat or a table mat. I'm still to decide.

The other two blocks became a table runner, and it's a good thing my error happened.  Three blocks would have made a table runner too large for our coffee table.

I hope you're enjoying the blog hop - Bea has some giveaways, so hop on over. Here is the list of participants for the blog hop:

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  1. That little runner looks great on your coffee table. Good thing you held on to that book :-)

  2. We keep learning new stuff don't we. It looks very nice.

  3. The blocks are really beautiful and look great as a place mat and runner. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great table runner! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Beautiful, I love your block version!

  6. Great table runner!! Old patterns have their drawbacks, that for sure, but you overcame them very well!!

  7. Well done. I don't know it it was a common thing back in to 90's the blocks in my chosen book were weried sizes too. It takes a bit more brain power to make the block but worth it in most cases.

  8. Looks prefect on the coffee table! Lovely blocks!

  9. What a great block! I love flying geese, so this appeals to me very much. Our methods have changed a lot in the years between then and now, but the pattern ideas are as great as ever. Your color choices are wonderful, too.


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