Some of This; Some of That

First, the stash report.  I made two blocks for my Sweet Land of Liberty (and they were hard). It took me 0.16 yd to make these two 6 1/2" blocks plus sashing because I had to cut so many parts to get the right ones.  On the left you can see some of the detritus I generated.  Tinman didn't have so much, but it was still more than I wanted. Done!

I'm also working on a new commission quilt. So far I've used 0.79 yd in construction.  I'll show it to you when I've finished the top. For this week then,  I brought my YTD total to 29.37 yds of the 36 yds needed to date to reach my goal.

As for the UFO challenge from Judy, I need to work on Bliss - a hand stitching hexie project. That's good.  I also need to finish my yellow HSTs for April and start on the pink/red ones. Also sometime in there I want to get back to work on my Love Entwined and my Riverside quilt.  It will be a busy month as I'm going on a quilt retreat also.  Phew. If I get some progress on each of them, I'll be happy.

Yesterday, it was 100 degrees around here and I was sick (think heat exhaustion). Started Friday. I volunteered 5 hours at our church library; never drank a drop of water. Then I walked to the bus stop in the 98 degree weather that day. That did it. By 6 PM  I was dizzy and faint. Can't take the heat. Today, it was a mere 99, but I did better as I reminded myself on the hour to have a glass of cold water.  It's going to be a looong summer.

I'm linking to to Sunday StashDesign Wall Monday, (although there's nothing new on it), Slow Sunday Stitching, Oh Scrap, and a few others.  See which under the More tab above. Hope you get to quilt this week.


  1. That's a lot of projects! Retreat should help.


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