I like Thursdays

It was an eventful May 1st - my DS2's birthday - he turned 44 and it rained! First time I ever remember it raining that late in the rain season. Granted we only got 0.12 inches of rain, but to us in SoCal it was a lot!  Nicest thing I liked about it was that it was a gentle rain and let every drop soak in.  Thank you, Lord!

I also like what is happening in my garden. More blooms.
The amaryllis continue to bloom.

I love this gorgeous yellow on this flower. See those little puff of what looks like cotton - a flower will emerge from each.

One of our golden barrel cacti.  When the sun hits them just right, they seem to glow.
Last, but not least like for the week - I love how my Mod sampler looks over the fireplace.
It's the little things that give us joy.  Do check out LeeAnna's links to other joy.



  1. Hi Angie,
    I finally got a chance to visit your blog for this week's likes! Oh those cacti blooms - I just love seeing those. So beautiful out of such a prickly plant. And there's nothing better than a nice gentle rain - washes away all the yuck, gets a good chance to soak in. Thank you Lord!
    ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Great post. Happy Birthday to your boy. You quilt looks wonderful over the fireplace.

  3. Happy birthday to your son. Lots to be grateful for indeed.

  4. The quilt looks very good over the fireplace. Just right.
    I didn't realise the little cotton looking bits on a cactus is where the flower will come. Now I can keep looking/hoping for one on the cactus we keep for my son.

  5. We lived in Arizona for a time and I developed a healthy love for cacti - it always seems like a miracle when they bloom and such a contrast to the otherwise prickly character!!! Beautiful pictures!

  6. Hi Angie, Your quilt looks PERFECT over the fireplace. We love the stunning colors! And, speaking of colors, your garden photos are fabulous; as flowers are such a blessing from the Lord. We always enjoy your blog and the gorgeous photos. Happy springtime, with hugs from Marina and Daryl Lynn


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