Calculating Yards Used

Several people have asked how I come up with the figures I do when I report destashing.  It's just simple multiplication and division.
I keep track by my output. For instance, if I finish a 36" square baby quilt, I multiply 36 by 36 to give me the inches for that top = 1296 inches squared.  Since most yards are 42" wide, a yard (36 by 42) has 1512 inches squared. So I divide the 1296/1512 to get what I used = 0.86 yards. And if I pull and cut a back, that doubles the number, and I'll have 1.72 yards to report. I don't count all those bits left over from the fabric I used.  Those go into the scrap pile to count when and if I make a block.

At the end of the week I look through my blog posts for that week to see what I did ( I use to write it down, but kept losing the note) and calculate my total used for the stash report.  If I'm running behind for the week, I may look to see if there is a piece in the stash I can donate to the guild.  I've done that for 3 years now, and I'm running out of stuff I want to get rid of.  I don't count any yardage that comes directly from St. Anne's - that's why sometimes I have low numbers even though I made a top in the week. Not my stash.  I go back to my last stash report and add the new week’s total to the total from last time I reported. That’s my new YTD.

Hope this is clear enough.  Questions?  Please ask.



  1. Don't forget to account for fabric in the seams! I used to calculate seams based on complexity of the pattern and size of pieces, sometimes as much as 40% more. I've read that something like a PP pineapple has an additional 60% in the seams!


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