17 UFOs (WIPs in my case) in 2017

At the beginning of the year, I committed to two pushes to get projects done.  This month I didn't work so much on my stated 17. I opted to work on others ( I have many - LOL).  Here's where I made progress:

This is actually not a WIP - just got it last week. Quilted this wall hanging for a giveaway at St. Anne's.  It was already assembled.
First time I FMQed metallic thread.  Click on photo to enlarge. Worked good. I circled Baby Jesus' halo, but the angle doesn't let it show.

Closer to closing this ring of hexagons
Made two blocks and the eagle - still work to be done on him.
Assembled my RSC top - still needs a border.

I hope to do some work on my Listed UFOs/WIPs next month, but I'm not holding my breath.
Off to an anniversary lunch with DH - today is our 49th.  Blessings,


  1. Happy Anniversary! 49 is quite a milestone.

  2. Any progress is a good progress in my book. Happy anniversary! Enjoy! ;^)

  3. Happy 49th anniversary! Congrats on all the progress this year. Finishes are nice, but progress counts too.

  4. It's projects progressing, whatever list it is. Good for you!


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