Near the End of 2017 - This is what I"ve done with my Challenges

I linked to Judy's UFO Challenge for 2017.  Needed to make a list of 12 WIPs. And I decided to do Meredithe's 17 in 2017 also (I've added 5 at the end of the first list - no, I'm not doing 29 -LOL. Button on the side bar).  Here's my report on them - If  I do anything significant in December, I'll update.
1.  Finish this top from Karen at Faeries and Fibres QAL  (Done)

2.  Finish making the blocks of this scrap log cabin. (Made 16 more)

 3. Make more blocks of Anna's Garden (Made 3 more)

4. Complete my Easy Street top  (Move to 2018 list)

 5. Quilt my Riverside quilt. (Top together and sandwiched)

 6. Add leaves to the nine baskets blocks (Move to 2018 list)

7. Finish this fourth Benjamin Briggs block. (Move to 2018 list)

8. Make the remaining two baskets in the center block of LE (Move to 2018 list)

 9. Make more blocks in this Blog Hop project  all blocks made as of 2/28/17! (Move to 2018 list)

10.  Sandwich and quilt my Mod Block Lotto quilt (Move to 2018 list)

 11. Sandwich and quilt my Carolina Christmas top  (Done)

12.  Make more string blocks - need 8 more.   all made and quilt top completed!

The five more for the 17 for 2017 challenge  (hers are every 3 weeks and is asking only for significant progress:
13.  Bonnie's En Provence

14.  Carol's December BOM win    four blocks made for the four too small and top assembled and quilted. Woohoo - Done!

15.  Japanese placemats  (Move to 2018 list)

16.  Crumb block quilt   crumb top assembled and ready to sandwich and quilt. (Done)

17  Women's Voices top.  (Move to 2018 list)

4 Finishes; 5 with significant progress - 8 not touched.  Better than I thought.


  1. Awesome work Angie. You did very well in 2017, and you still have a month to go. Congratulations! ;^)

  2. You really made progress on your projects! It's hard to work on the stale stuff.

  3. Oh you got alot done! And all lovely as well.

    LOL I have a few Benjamin Biggs blocks languishing on a hanger for a year now :)

    I was going to mix them up with some other red and green blocks / they didn't look right together so I finished one red and green quilt and then ......I got tired of red and green. One of these days I'll get back to doing a few more!

  4. Congratulations on your 2017 challenge! How nice to have finished Carolina Christmas in time for Christmas. I'm looking forward to participating again this year.


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