Some of This; Some of That

First - destashing.  I'm working with small pieces, so small number generated for this week.  What with Bliss hexagons, En Provence units, test block, new baby quilt, and leaders and enders, I've used up about a yard of fabric. Then there was the back of the last baby quilt, so there was another 1.16 yards. My new YTD total is 55.63 yards.

Up on my design wall is a new baby quilt top:

These are again fabrics which I pulled out of a St. Anne's scrap bag.  I'm trying to use them up. I'm finding using the companion angle ruler and strips quite quick and easy to make the hourglass units. These blocks are 6 1/2" unfinished made from 3 1/2" strips.  Off to see what else is in that bag.

I'm linking to Judy's UFO Challenge for 2017.  Needed to make a list of 12 WIPs. And I've decided to do Meredithe's 17 in 2017 also (I've added 5 at the end of the first list - no, I'm not doing 29 -LOL. Button on the side bar).  Here are my twelve for Judy's Challenge:
1.  Finish this top from Karen at Faeries and Fibres QAL

2.  Finish making the blocks of this scrap log cabin.

 3. Make more blocks of Anna's Garden

4. Complete my Easy Street top

 5. Quilt my Riverside quilt  (also making this my 17 ufos in 2017 project for three weeks as there is much to do) as well as my March UFO for Judy's challenge.

 6. Add leaves to the nine baskets blocks

7. Finish this fourth Benjamin Briggs block.

8. Make the remaining two baskets in the center block of LE

 9. Make more blocks in this Blog Hop project  all blocks made as of 2/28/17!

10.  Sandwich and quilt my Mod Block Lotto quilt

 11. Sandwich and quilt the my Carolina Christmas top

12.  Make more string blocks - need 8 more.   all made and quilt top completed!

The five more for the 17 for 2017 challenge  (hers are every 3 weeks and is asking only for significant progress:
13.  Bonnie's En Provence

14.  Carol's December BOM win    four blocks made for the four too small and top assembled.

15.  Japanese placemats

16.  Crumb block quilt   crumb top assembled and ready to sandwich and quilt.

17  Women's Voices top.


  1. Oh! I was looking through your UFO' and saw your Love Entwined. Mine is at about the same point of completion. I can't believe I forgot to put it on my list. I think I'll work on it when I have finished the monthly UFO obligation.

  2. wow! You have beautiful projects to finish in 2017. It'll be fun to see them get closer to the finish line. Love the Love Entwined centre. Lovely! ;^)

  3. OMG I don't feel so bad about all of my unfinished stuff after seeing yours. THANK YOU for making me feel guilt free and normal ! XO :) loved this!

  4. You have some very beautiful quilts on your list.

  5. you have certainly been busy, must use my companion angle ruler along with others bought and never tried!
    Love the applique piece so colourful

  6. You have some lovely quilts on your list. Good luck with your 2017 goals. It's good to remember that any progress is good even if we don't get to a finish.

  7. Looks like you have a fun year ahead--good luck with your list!! I don't dare start listing my UFO's--I would probably have to be sedated from the stress--haha!

  8. wonderful UFOs I have three of them myself. Funny if we work on them at the same time.

  9. Hi Angie, you are so organized about listing all of your goals and objectives, that we are extremely impressed. We love the way you know exactly what is to be done on each project. That is why you make such wonderful progress. Thank you for inspiring us ! :-) Love and blessings, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  10. Lots of interesting projects to finish! I have a different one of Esther Aliu's designs on my list. It will be fun working on our UFOs along with Judy next year.

  11. Great list! With two challenges you're bound to get things done! Thanks for joining in and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress during the year.

  12. So many lovely projects that you are going to be working on. Your LE centre is beautiful and so glad you plan to finish it. Im now on to the borders but it is very very slow and I'll still be doing it in 4 or 5 years time I think. LOL So it is not on my list of 17 !!!!! Cheers Glenda

  13. so many beautiful projects - glad you are joining in the challenge :)

  14. What a fantastic idea. Yes. It's sometimes good to have someone else say "start here". Giggle.

    I look forward to watching your progress.

  15. That's a great list! Looking forward to following your progress throughout the year.

  16. I will enjoy watching your progress - lots of colorful projects!

  17. Carolina Christmas is on my list too!


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