Quilted, Bound and Shown.

Commission quilt is done.
       Quilted, bound, and shown to recipient:

It's a t-shirt quilt. That's why it was so hard to guess the quilting motif.  Some of these fronts of the garments have a lot of paint on them, so all I could do was go around the designs.

Measures 55" by 59". Quilted on my domestic Juki. Still have to clip some threads. My mom put the top together and then handed it over to me to quilt.  It's quite heavy, and was more so, when I had all the pins on it while I quilted.  It's for my DD - a student adviser at UC Riverside for the past 19 years.  Besides guiding 460+ students a year the above is what she has been up to at work on the side of course. 


Clare M said…
Well done Angie, all the hard work has been worth it. A real treasure.
Lynette said…
Wow, Angie! I can imagine how much work it was to quilt a Tshirt project on the domestic, knowing how much weight and drag is added with a Minky backing. Nice job!