Drawing Outer Space

Working with students, it's always a surprise what interests them, or not.  Last month, I placed Draw 50 Outer Space on our art table in the library.  The art table (with various drawing instruments -ie pencils, markers, crayons) invites students to peruse the book there and perhaps contribute to our rotating art work display board.  This one didn't interest my 190+ students as much as the fairies book did. It's an excellent book with step-by-step examples by noted author, Lee Ames - just not as exciting as dragons, aliens or other worlds.  Here's what I was given from two artists:
Drawn by first grader, AS.
"Why did you use pencil?", I asked him.  "Space doesn't have color" was the reply.  Hmmm. 
"Tell my about your squiggly lines over your planet".   "That's space," he said.
Drawn by 7th grader, CG.

"Would you check out this book?" I asked.  "Maybe, if I need a drawing for a science project."

I received this book (published by Watson-Guptill Publications)  from Blogging for Books for this review.