WIPs Be Gone

I used the wrong setting.  That orange border is a nice peachy color. Oh well.  This St. Anne's top came from the book Quilt for Joy  by Barbara Brandenburg and Teri Christopherson.  I just made a smaller version.

Finished at 36" square and is now being sandwiched by another St. Anne's member.

Climate change did a number on a couple of our fruit trees.  We have a wonderful Pomelo tree that usually gives us a crop in January - February. Don't know this citrus?  Go here.  Our tree, shown below, usually gives us a good crop.  I usually send packages to family and friends as a Happy New Year gift.  In fact in Southeast Asia if you eat some on New Year's Day you'll have good luck.  This year we had two fruits.  One fell prematurely from too much rain and burst.  The other we got to pick.
Compared to a 6 oz cup - you can see how big this is.

Then you peel it - you can see how thick the rind is.
Once you finish peeling it you have this luscious pink fruit.
And the tree?  It's loaded with another big crop but way out of sync - It usually blooms in June and the fruit is ready in middle of winter. Now we don't know.

We have a grafted pink pommelo and it is delicious.  It's work to get to the flesh, but worth it.  What does it taste like?  Just like a naturally sweet grapefruit with no astringency.  Yum.

Hope you get to sew today.  I'm linking to some parties - you can see the links under my tab above.


  1. I love Pomelo fruit. It is pretty expensive here in Canada. Sorry to hear your tree is out of sync with nature. ;^)

  2. not heard of this pomelo fruit but it looks very like a pink grapefruit thinking maybe it s part of the grapefruit family


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