Some of this; Some of that

Our poinsettias are lasting forever! We were gifted these a couple of weeks before Christmas, 2016 - and look how colorful they still are.  A bit dusty, but beautiful.

Now that the green leaves are starting to come out, I'm trying to think of a place where I can set them into the ground.  It will have to be near a hose and some shade, so that our hot summers don't fry them.  Maybe I'll just find a huge pot to put them in.

Now for my stash report.  I found a back for the NI #4, made 4 pink blocks for the finished St. Anne's top and then sewed the outer border, added borders to the left overs isolette top and started a RSC challenge block for 1.75 yds to give me a grand total of 46.32 yds destashed this year.

I hand stitched on my Anna's Garden applique block while I was at the doctors. Just one more bud to go and I can start stitching another prepped block.

Will you get to sew on this lovely Mother's Day?  I'll be joining some linky parties - see my tab under the header.  Blessings!


Deb said…
So nice to see someone else has poinsettias lasting long after last December, I keep moving mine around to keep them well shaded and protected from the heat of the Florida Day. I hope you had a nice Mother's Day and are happily stitching.