Design Wall Monday

Left on my design wall is the exploded Nearly Insane block #9 (actually my 4th) which is now a quilt top.
I must have measured wrong somewhere because I had to add that small inner border to make it to size (my size that is of 30"). Now to decide on a back and it can come down to be sandwiched.

And here's my finished top.  I'm hoping to sandwich it in the next few days and get started on the quilting instead of adding it to the Ready to be Quilted pile.

Are you quilting or sewing?  I've done my 30 minutes today.  I'm participating in Annie's Sew 30 Sew Fun challenge.  Join us.  Anything to keep me motivated.  Linking to some parties.  You can find them under my tab Linky Parties above.  Blessings!


  1. 2 very nice medallion quilts

  2. Love the cornerstones that you've used in the inner border - great looking block!

  3. Good Morning! I love both of your quilt tops, especially the blue borders on the second one. Very nice job ~smile~

  4. I did sew today! Over 3 hours, actually, and may get in a little more in a while. I like that extra dark border in your nearly insane block quilt, actually. Both tops are very creative and appealing. Happy quilting now!

  5. Love the different borders on you medallion quilt.

  6. FYI - Since Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times is no longer doing "Design Wall Mondays", I talked to her and got permission to continue Design Wall Mondays at my blog:

    I hope to see your posts on future Mondays, Judy Hansen

  7. I have only done hand sewing so far today. It's a Lupus day, demanding restful feet-up work at the moment. Love the effect of that added inner border, and those blues sure came together prettily, didn't they?


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