5th Sunday of Lent

A hymn from today's mass that reflects our Lenten Journey:

Destashing:  ..47 yd  - 0.0 + 1.0 yd = 1.47 yds destashed. YTD: 38.40 yds

This week's meditative work:

Above is  my project #5 for Judy's UFO challenge and 17 UFOs in 2017 project for March.  I got this far with it:
Now to add borders and start quilting.
Next Nearly Insane quilt - this is 30 1/2" square.

15 1/2" block for a St. Anne's quilt - need four.

A center for another St. Anne's quilt.

I finished the hand quilting on the Ancient One.  Now to bind it.  So, maybe I'll get back to my Bliss hexagon quilt.  I've started to FMQ the Laurel Burch wall hanging.  

Blessings to all my readers.  May this be a restful and uplifting, spiritual week for you.


margaret said…
not heard this hymn before thanks for sharing it with us. You have been busy with blocks
Denise :) said…
This is a beautiful hymn ... hard to believe we're already into the sixth week of Lent. This season is going by very quickly! Your blocks are all looking great -- a nice variety of projects you've got underway! :)
Miaismine said…
Thank you for sharing the hymn as well as your projects! Your journey through Lent seems to be ministering to you deeply. Praise God!
Lynette said…
Good work! I always get all happy when it's time for "just" the borders, but then get oppressed because they really can be such a pain and take forever, even when they're not pieced. hehe
desertskyquilts said…
Looks like a lot of time for meditating! Lovely projects to work on while you do. The hymn was new to me also. I liked it a lot.
Kate said…
Lots of great work done on a variety of projects! I love the big blocks!
Pam said…
I really like all your colorful projects. I am a big Laurel Burch fan so it was nice to see someone using her fabric.
Muv said…
Hello Angie,

Nearly there, only ten days to go!

So many tiny quilts - how many have you made over the years, or have you lost count?

Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

Love, Muv
pandchintz said…
Well done with your progress.