4th Sunday of Lent

Somehow, I lost it midweek. What happened?  Little by little I am coming back onto the Lenten track, but it is hard.  This has helped.

And so has meditating as I sew:

a RSC block

This block had me pulling out applique supplies. While they were out I finished prepping an Anna's Garden block I had started in February:
All I'd done before was the greenery.

Finished quilting

Started the next Nearly Insane block enlargement:

+.95 yds -0.0 yds + 0.0 = .95 yds  de-stashed.  YTD: 36.93 yds

Blessings as we begin a new week of Lent.


Dar said…
So glad you have moved through your troubles and sought God's help and comfort to allow you to work with your hands on some beautiful blocks.
Julie said…
I'm glad you mentioned the meditative state of sewing. For the longest time--years, I sewed without radio, tv, etc. Just the hum of the machine was what I needed. It wasn't until a friend commented she would lose her mind to sew like that. I guess it was then that I realized that was the part of sewing I enjoyed most. It was recentering my mind, my heart, and my soul. I do listen to the radio more now, but it needs to be 'background' noise.

I love seeing how many projects you move through, and how you count your fabric 'losses' each time. Your loss is always another's gain.

Blessings, Angie.
What a pretty RED block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!
Beautiful blocks and quilt! How wonderful that your sewing can be a source of mindfulness for you and a gift of joy for others. :)
I find sewing relaxing, but didn't think of it as meditation. So love your pink quilt and the quilting is so nice.
Quilter Kathy said…
Lovely garden applique block!
And congrats on a finish!
em's scrapbag said…
Sewing is healing for me also. Your applique block looks fabulous!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had quite a bit of time to meditate. =) Sewing is the peace-bringer of activities. Combining with pondering spiritual things, I don't guess you can beat that.
Muv said…
Hello Angie,

The little pink quilt looks so sweet now it is all finished and bound!

Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.

Love, Muv