Holiday WIPs Be Gone

This is a bit late for several reasons:  It's a holiday weekend.  Lot of eating done; not much sewing. Away from the machines; no time for hand sewing. Once home too full to play in the studio - lol.

Today, I finished another column of the green, scrappy baby quilt.  The treadle is humming along.  I oiled it the other day.  Boy, there are a lot of spots to add oil.  I'm thinking of doing Bonnie Hunter's mystery that started today on the treadle next.  How about you?  Are you attempting it?  I'm just going to do a portion of it.

I also have a commissioned quilt to finish by December 9th.  This is another panel so no blocks to make.  Added two borders. 

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  No shopping for me. Enjoying the quiet and restful time.  We will be visiting friends this evening - another get together for this holiday.



  1. the baby quilt is lovely and the Christmas nativity panel really beautiful

  2. It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving Day and holiday. Your baby quilt is cute and also the Christmas panel. Not too many days left until Dec. 9th. lol

  3. Treadling! I'm impressed. You have lots of fun projects in progress. I like monochromatic quilts and your green one has got me thinking ... dangerous, I know, but I don't think I've ever made a green quilt.

  4. No shopping here either....can't think of anything worse to do at this time of year, lol! Just a run to the grocery store perhaps in a day or so

  5. I was thinking of watching Bonnie's Mystery quilt from the sideline as I usually do but ... to make just a portion of it is now tempting me. Hmmm! Need to think about that one. ;^)

  6. So Glad you had good times for Thanksgiving. Your panel is beautiful.
    Funny about the treadle seeing as two weeks ago I got mine out and running some.
    Just know , Angie, I don't always comment but I almost always read. Enjoy the Season of Rejoicing with The Lord.

  7. I still like your greens! I'm still doing nothing to post. Doing Bonnie's quilt did not even cross my mind, nor is it crossing it now. LOL


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