Some of This; Some of That

I used a yard to make a grocery bag. Not totally happy with it, so making another.  I'm holding this one so that's why it looks so big. It's only 13 x 8 x 14.

I've started another baby quilt.  This time I just took fabric from a scrap bag. It was mostly green fabric, so I decided to make a green quilt from these larger scraps.  The squares are 3.5".

I've finished one column and it's on my design wall: 

It is slow going because first I had to learn how to use my new-to-me treadle machine.  DS#2 brought it from Colorado back in June, 2016.  He had a renter who left it behind.  When I was there in 2015 I saw it in the garage and couldn't believe my eyes. I've always wanted one because that's what I first learned to sew on in my home economics class in Junior High School.   Discovered it was made in 1902.  It is a Singer 27.
I had it serviced.  Brought it home and began the process of trying to make it work for me.  Happily, the manual is available online.  The machine was hard to get going; found it needed to be higher so the peddle would clear the carpet.  DH got some boards and that was taken care of.   Then the belt had to be tightened.  At the shop it worked okay, but for me the thread kept breaking, skipping stitches, and the bottom part of the stitch looked awful - too loose. 

Finally by reading the manual, and many hours of adjusting and checking,  I got the tension right [You have to adjust the tension with the presser foot down], yet still kept breaking thread.  Then found the needle was in reverse.  I did what the manual said about how to put a in new needle. Turns out the photo for the needle is backwards.  Once I put it in like my other machines, everything fell into place.  It has a beautiful stitch. BTW: it has a cylindrical bobbin - another learning curve.

De-stashing grew with the one yard mentioned above and the 1 1/4 yds for the baby quilt.  New YTD total for de-stashing is 50.97 yds  used.

Did you get to sew this past weekend?  Leave me a note and I'll come by to see your work.  Blessings as we start a new week.  I'll be linking to some parties listed under my tab for those.


  1. I did sew a little yesterday! Not that I had planned to ... was cutting a border for another project and got to wondering how that fabric would look in a OBW. Next thing I knew all the hexies were made! Will post about it later today.

  2. how wonderful to get a treadle - I can't believe someone would just leave it behind like that - sure didn't know what they had

  3. Not sure why you don't like your new bag. I think it looks just fine and ready to hold stuff. I am sure you have a good reason for saying that though. What a gorgeous machine you found. They have no idea what treasure they had left behind. So happy for you. I have one from 1923 and I can't figure out how to make it work. I need to spend a lot of time with it, reading the manual and all, which I don't do. :^{
    Enjoy the pleasures of sewing on a new-to-you machine. ;^)

  4. The grocery bag looks great!
    I learned on my grandmother's treadle machine and made my very first skirt on it. I was in 5th grade and I remember wearing what I thought at the time was a gorgeous skirt. It was big black and white houndstooth, very full, and it was probably hideous but I sure loved the thing!!!
    Only EPP this weekend but I did teach my grandson to knit. I put a small video on my blogpost this morning over at He took to it like fish to water and is now making a scarf.
    Hugs. Marsha

  5. Yesterday was a lazy day for me. I'm off work today so I'll be working on my son's quilt, plus a few of my Splendid Sampler blocks. I'm taking my Sampler slow and enjoying the journey.

  6. How do you make your grocery bags?
    The baby quilt is coming along nicely.

  7. how good the treadle is now working used to love ours it was a frister and rosman not sure spelt right! Stitching looking good too

  8. I think your bag looks just fine. The color is right for the season too. What a lovely new to you treadle machine. You have a very smart DS#2 to bring it home for you. Glad you got it working. I have a treadle but have no idea what year it is. My cabinet looks terrible compared to your beautiful one. Have fun sewing with it.

    I've been sewing up lots of things this week, but didn't get to post on the stash. Will catch up on the next reporting day.

  9. I learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine. Moms theory was that if I ran over my finger I would quit peddling.

  10. I'm trying to sew daily because, as usual, I wait too late to start on Christmas gifts.

  11. Love your grocery bag. I like that size. The machine is so awesome, I'm glad you've gotten it all figured out. The green strip looks great!

  12. Interesting. I see so many people using the old treadle machines these days, and remember working at my own grandmother's. It was smooth sailing. I didn't realize they were/are so finicky. Imagine what they would think of ours!


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