The 31st

Our one and only Trick-or-Treater:
DGS#4 as Luke Skywalker
I did send home treats for DGS#1.  We live on a hill in town with around 25-35 homes and almost no kids.  Oh, well.  More candy for me --hehe. I always buy what I like to eat.

Getting back to that bag of scraps.  I guess I'll just have to give in and sort the monster.  I'm going to take Ozzypip's suggestion and try a Bonnie Hunter String X quilt.  Here are four I made  and put on my design wall today after some trimming and sorting.
For the life of me, I can't figure out why they are coming out 7 1/2 x 7 1/4.  ??? I don't think I'll put them together just yet to be able to spread out the various pieces used that have multiples like the green that stands out so much. This scrap thing is a lot harder and complicated that I thought - it will have to be my brave quilting for this month -lol.  Go on over to Julie's and see what others are bravely trying to get  a handle on.



  1. the quilt is going to look so good with all your scraps like you surprised the blocks do not come out square hopefully omeone will come up with the answer

  2. We live on a hill, too, and haven't had one T-or-Ter in 8 years. Still, I buy candy (I like), just in case. I send it home with MIL's caregivers.

  3. we had our 1 like usual come to trick or treat and would not have that one if we were not related in a round about way - out here in the country and three miles from town and no house developments with children - most people have been here for years and their kids are the ages our girls who are now - gasp! - in their early 40's

  4. We only had one show up too. Unfortunately, I had bought a giant bag of candy since I was at Costco and didn't want to make another stop--I'm going to have to bring the bag along to sewing group so I don't eat it all myself! I love string quilts--looks like you have a fun project ahead!

  5. We actually got 15. That's bunch for us. We have a really long driveway and a dark neighborhood.

  6. The string blocks will be a wonderful quilt. We had three on the street, but after having only half a dozen last year, I didn't buy candy or turn on my light this year. My son did give a bit of his own candy to a little girl who lives down one and across the street. If you only had one, at least he was a cute one!

  7. Ha, I think I won the count. Our neighborhood no longer gets T or T'ers either, so I went downtown to Trunk or Treat, and passed out between 400 and 500! It was a warm night, and they never quit coming. I had one bag left, and I am sending it to the student lounge at the local university with dd.

    I Love this block, Angie. I think it's a great way to use up the scraps no matter the width. I did see (pin) a very old video put out by Missouri Star on how to cut it super quick. You may be doing this already.

    Make a continuous scrap strip the WOF so at least 40". I would foundation piece it sideways onto phone book paper in long strips and cut that in half lengthwise to get two long strips. Then add a strip of white to the top and another on the bottom. Fold in half like a long hot dog keeping the fold at the bottom, and use the corner of a square ruler with the tip touching the top two edges. Cut lots of blocks quickly flipping the ruler up and down. I'll try to email you the video link, but it's on my Pinterest board under Piecing Methods, I think.

    You inspire me! I think I'll have to make this, too, now.


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