Some of This, Some of That

Hey!  I got three quilts sandwiched for quilting and have started on one.
I'm doing the stitch in the ditch first. Then moving on to some FMQ in those big blocks.  All three smallish quilts (between 30-36" square), so they should go pretty fast.

I have a large white garbage bag of scraps, and I"m trying to find a super fast pattern to use them up with.  So far - not happening.  I made this block hoping it would work as such:
Not an easy pattern to do by chain stitching with all those ends of strips in the way and ironing after each one. Also, to me a thread waster. If you could give me some ideas, I'd truly appreciate it.  Not crumb blocks, though - I'm too fussy for those.  I know some of you will say to sort that bag first - I just don't have time!  Maybe I'll just give that bag away.  Tell me what to try, please.

On the de-stashing front - used 3 yards for the backs of those baby quilts and 1/2 yard for leaders and enders and the block above.  I"m happy with the amount I used this week. My new YTD total is 47.05 yds  gone.

What are you up to?  Giveaway still one - see top sidebar.  Hope you have some time to quilt today. I'll be linking to some linky parties as seen in the tab above.  Blessings.


Depending on what size of scraps you have, my favourite go-to is 4 patch or HSTs. I always needs some of those and I trim the HSTs only when they are selected to go into a project. But for dealing with this bag of yours, maybe a quick 4 patch followed by a plain square? Good luck with the quilting of the baby quilts. ;^)
ozzypip said…
I have started on one of Bonnie Hunter's designs Scrappy X ( or is it strippy X) She suggests foundation piecing them ie sewing either to paper (which you have to pull off) or fabric which you don't. I did the fabric... cut up an old sheet into the required sizes and went from there. BUT you could basically do the same pattern but sew the strips of fabric together (rather than cutting them to the 4.5" required or bigger and trimming down) If you sew strips together you can then trim the blocks to the rights size later. It will mean that more of the blocks are the same but in a scrappy quilt that isn't going to matter too much. When I sew lots of pairs and then come back and sew pairs together etc, sorting a bit as I go in this second stage to get variety or sewing ones that are similar sizes together. Hope that helps
love your table set up -- I am working on way too many things it is getting out of control and I might need to take a step back and figure out what I am doing LOL
Dar said…
Congrats on getting 3 quilts ready to quilt. Your used numbers are good too. I do lots of scrap quilts. I have several "go to" that require only strings, and others that require squares the same size. I love making 4 patches in planned colors or all scrappy with a constant between them. Also on the same thoughts - making 9 patches are easy too (can be done as leaders/enders). I made 4 baby quilts using 9 patches in pinks, greens and other pastel scraps with whites as the alternate block. Another great use of scraps is the Soul Searching pattern that you can see here- I would also check out all the free patterns on Bonnie's site for many more ideas. I'm using my 2.5" squares plus white for a new zigzag leader/ender. You can see it on my blog too. Good luck.
margaret said…
happy quilting, I do not stitch in the ditch as I am not accurate enough but have recently been tol it should be done on all quilts oh dear. I used a lot of scraps on the steps to the altar quilt uses 2.5" squares.
Summer said…
Pretty colours! Happy Monday and happy quilting too♥
Julie said…
You and I are in the same mindset right now. My scraps are weighing on my ability to move forward, and I'm focusing on getting them cut down to actually use. I've collected one book by Joan Ford, and another couple Bonnie Hunter books. Both are good, but both use slightly different sizes only overlapping on a couple. Both deal with organizing and using scraps.

I spent a whole day yesterday pulling bits out of my bin to sort. My back hurts from hunching. I had to butterfly shut a rotary cutter slice on my finger--my first ever. I was not a happy camper by the time my husband came home. I had a pitifully small pile of neat squares, strips, and all from my work, and other quilts nearer completion that sat waiting.

I'm not so sure I'm seeing the benefit of recouping a scrap bin, and a part of me says sort ruthlessly. Another part says give them away. I don't think it's so much that I have a scrap problem, or I feel like I have to use them because I paid for the fabric, but I LIKE the look. I would choose a (controlled) scrappy quilt over one made with a handful of matching fabrics every day. I LOVE your scrappy star! It makes my heart happy just to look at it.

As the ideas keep rolling through my mind about how to manage this passion for scraps, I keep pinning to Pinterest. One thing coming through is to keep the piecing simple. Mass piece whenever possible. The scrappy star is gorgeous, but I pain in the pitoot to make. I have foundation pieced one as such, and it's a heavy monster to use. I was told to use old phone book pages for a cheap foundation, but have yet to try that.

My best advice is to hang in there only if this is the look you like. I am not sure it's worth the intense time commitment if you don't, and especially if you have a good stash sitting there waiting to be used, too.
PaulaB quilts said…
Good for you attempting to make order out of chaos. I use Rail Fence for a very easy block. They can be any size, but four 2-1/2 X 8--1/2 strips are good, or join four longer jelly roll strips and cut to 8-/12. Alternate blocks ertical and horizontal. No HSTs, no backing like strings. Also, for baby or child quilts, charm size or any squares alternating two fabrics or a print and a solid. They can also be bricks. Think of building a wall. Good luck!