Sort of WIPs Be Gone & Giveaway

Why do I say "Sort of"?  Well, I have to make some baby quilt tops, so these are really works in progress, not my usual pick a UFO from long ago and make it into a WIP.
Here's three I am working on. I'm using some block techniques new to me. I've gotten the first blocks of each of them finished after my two weeks of hosting.

This block called the Web Block is from Laurie Bevan's book, Lickety Split Quilts for Little Ones.
It measures 15" square so I'll need 3 more plus a 3" border to make this St Anne quilt.

This busy block as well as the one on the bottom were made using the Exploding Block tutorial by Jenny Doan.  The large 25" block you see on the bottom of the first photo was made using her method.  I just added two extra turns and borders.  It need one more border.  When I made that last one, I didn't want any bigger triangles than I already had, so in the second one, I used a pink square bordered with blue to give me a different look for the first step.  

So what are you up to?  I'll be doing some quilting as all my guests are gone for now and no more scheduled for this summer. To celebrate that summer is finally here (they predict 110 for Monday), I'm giving away another book. 
Here's the book.  It has a lot of great summer quilts (14 in all)  and one wonderful "Ships Ahoy".

Leave me a comment for one chance.  Link your eye candy for another. Follow me and let me know for a third. Remember if you don't have a blog, you can always post a photo from a photostream.  Please be sure there is some way for me to contact you. Ends next Thursday, midnight. I'll be linking to several parties. Tab above. Blessings!


mindingmomma said…
I follow on bloglovin'!
Gretchen Weaver said…
Very cute crib quilt. It will be loved! I check your blog everyday to see if you have a new post. Blessings, Gretchen
Marsha Hodgkins said…
I really love the idea of using larger size blocks, especially for baby quilts. They are done in no time at all! Love your use of your stash to make them also.
Your blog is one I always read every post! Just so you know, I'm a regular fan of yours, in case you didn't know.
Richard Healey said…
I so love to get a project done its fun to finish up them works in progress. I am a follower, I linked up my most recent quilt complete and here is a post. hope one comment works for all 3 entry's

Richard Healey
Richard and Tanya Quilts
Richard and Tanya Quilts on Etsy
Richard and Tanya Quilts on Craftsy

Nancy said…
Hot, hot, hot! Where do you live? Your blocks are fun for a child's quilt.
--Nancy. (ndmessier @,
You have some very interesting fabrics in those blocks. Can wait to see what magic you will create with them. Enjoy the process. ;^)
I've been following for a long time now via blogger. Thanks for the chance Angie. It looks like a great book. ;^)
desertskyquilts said…
I like what you're doing for baby quilts. That owl fabric is one of my favorites that I've used, too. And you know I follow you. =) We're hot, but not as hot as you! dezertsuz at gmail dot com
GranChris said…
110 is hot. We just hit 99, unusual for June. I like your quilt. I'm finishing a Podunk Pretties quilt, or at least tring to.
margaret said…
some pretty blocks here wonder what would be do without Jenny`s wonderful videos. If I have a bored moment I know where to go, straight to Missouri quilts for inspiration
Rebecca said…
Oh I love that large block, its cute and makes a quicker quilt. thanks for sharing it.
Lee said…
Love the large block! thank you!
Lee said…
I follow on bloglovn!
Summer Rose is a beautiful quilt - the one on the cover of your book!
Have a great week.
Janice Holton said…
I wish I could follow you via e-mail but that option isn't given so I am following via Bloglovin. Way to go to get some UFO's moved to WIP's! :)
Kate said…
Very fun blocks! Hope you are staying cool. It's been in the high 90s here, but with 90% humidity. All I can say is "yuk".