More Guests

Sadly, but after a very nice visit, my DS#2 and DGS#3 are gone.  They were here for 5 days from CO, and are now on their way North to see more friends and family. It was wonderful having them here.
Clockwise here's DGS#3 (standing) DGS#4, and DGS#1 posing at Lego Land.  All three love Legos, but don't most kids like them these days?  Tomorrow, my sister-in-law and her friend arrive for a visit. They've been on a Road Scholar trip to Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon.

Not a stitch done!


desertskyquilts said…
Sounds like the summer of family visits for you! I'm so happy they are coming to see you. I know *I* still like to play with Legos. =)