Splendid Sampler Slow Sunday Stitching

I'm doing the Splendid Sampler and one of the latest blocks has hexagons.  Perfect for Slow Sunday Stitching which I'm linking up to today. You'll find the link button in tab above.

My first one:

It's sitting on a two inch square of background.  Yes, they're small. The sides of these hexies are 3/8" wide. Previously, the smallest I had made had 1/2" sides.  I have to make six for block 36.

I've made #2 and prepped #3.

Also, the WIPs Be Gone linky and giveaway is still on.  This is the book you can win:

Go here to read all about it and comment/link your eye candy.

By the way:  It was 90 degrees at 9 AM - we're expecting 106+.  Fortunately, it is dry heat - but still HOT.  Stay cool, drink water, quilters.



Jennifer said…
Your little hexie flowers are so pretty. I am way behind on my Splendid Sampler blocks, but hope to work on them next week.
tubakk said…
So sweet hexagons. Are the bees embroidered?
Clare M said…
Wow so super tiny and super cute. Don't envy you the heat. We are having crazy hot weather and it's supposed to be winter. A winter drought is awful for our farmers.
Ivani said…
so pretty, so tiny hexies love the bees.
Love those hexie flowers. We are in South Texas and are doing 100-110 heat index - About 95 to 100 with humidity about 90%. It is 7:25 73 degrees and 91% humidity ..... My walk will be wonderful this AM..... Stay cool summer is just starting!
I see you like Beethoven, I am a Chopin.... do you like his music also? LOL Have a great day!

Jo said…
I'm starting this block now.. OMG they are so tiny....
Really cute hexies Angie.
Deb A said…
Beautiful hexies..... love the special centers.
Kate said…
Oh so tiny hexies, but oh so cute!
Lynette said…
These tiny hexies are so precious!!