Some of This, Some of That

I made another B3quilt and used 2.5 yards. Donated another 3yds to guild so my numbers have grown a tad. YTD is now 26.79 yds out.  Slowly de-stashing.  Here's the quilt:
Nothing on my design wall as I was busy adapting  a Dewey's Dream block to a 30" preemie quilt for our local NICU.  You can get the pattern off my right sidebar after tomorrow.

A community member brought two quilts to give to the guild as she was downsizing. The first one was a blue and white churn dash made by a pioneer of a nearby town way back in the 1880s(?).  I suggested she  contact the museum in that town.  She did and they are thrilled that she is giving it to them.

The second quilt was a fundraiser for the Calvary Church in Rochester, NY in 1903.  Here's a block from it:
I asked Barbara Brackman, the quilt historian, for the name of this block, and she'd never seen one like it.  Thinks it might be a variation of the Maltese Cross.  I did some Google image searches and the closest I came to it was a Firefighter's emblem back east, so maybe the lady who designed the quilt had a fireman in her household. ??  I'm going to contact the historical society in Rochester and see if they want it.

Off to work on another charity quilt and a WIP - I'm going to have to make a list.  I'm getting confused as which WIP is what #.

LOL - blessings to you all and happy quilting.


  1. I'll vote for Firefighter....grin. Big Mick was a fireman.

  2. How interesting, I would love to know all the history behind these old quilts. Near where I live is the American Museum, which is home to a large permanent display of American quilts. I hold my breath when I put my glasses on to read the museum label. I am always disappointed if it says Maker unknown and therefore they can only guess at the date.

  3. The red and white quilt is fascinating with all of the embroidered signatures. How fortunate that you found a home for one of them and that there may be a good home for the second!

  4. Wow--you stumped Barbara Brackman! I hope you can learn more about the quilt--I'll bet it has an interesting tale to tell.

  5. How lovely that the first quilt is going back to where it came from so quilts from that area can admire what their ancestor did. Have fun with the search for the other quilt, so so many names from the past there????? I wonder if they were all quilters or just friends and family?????? Thanks for sharing these lovely old quilts and their stories. Glenda Australia

  6. The first thing that came to mind is Firfighter..

  7. These quilts and their stories and destinations are actually intriguing. So glad you thought of the museums!


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