WIPs Be Gone Week 9

A commission quilt - I know, I know - I wasn't suppose to do another for a while, but it just came up and fell into place.  This one is for the Bishop of our Diocese who is coming for the Episcopal visit to our church which happens every six years.

On my design wall momentarily:

Had a brainstorm Sunday. I  realized I could use the first baby quilt pattern I designed, add a couple of rows and I'd have my cross.  The pre-printed square was a Robert Kaufman that I've had for a while.
I tried a lot of pieces from my stash and then realized that I needed a spacer - a lot worked then.  But the one I chose had the same gold, blue, and light rust from the center of the panel so I went with that.
A close up of the top part of the cross.  I used the freezer paper trick again.  The letters look a lot bigger than they are (about 3/4" tall).  This quilt will measure 36 by 46 - lap quilt size.  I'm about 3/4's done with quilting the center.

 I think I started this quilt rather than deal with the piping - LOL.  And I searched all over to find the assembly instructions for the other wip.  I found them!

How are you doing on your wips?Would love to see - doesn't have to be a finish, but we'll admire those, too.  Linky below - remember it doesn't have to be a new post, just one that shows a WIP.  Ends Monday, midnight. Since I' m quilting I'm linking to Lizzie's Free Motion Mavericks and since I finished the top to Richard's Link a Finish and Sarah's Can I get a Whoop, Whoop?  This is going to be done by Saturday for sure. 
 Lots of eye candy there.


some of my wips are coming along pretty well and I will have some finishes coming up soon. You did a good job on that quilt for the minister
LynCC said…
I can certainly see why this event would pull forward a commission. :) You're doing such a nice job with this. Isn't it surprising, sometimes, the magic that a floater border can do?
The trouble with finishing a WIP then I start two more. But that is ok still having fun and that is what counts.
Anonymous said…
How pretty your Resurrection Cross is. It will be loved, I think, and hung in a special place by the Bishop.
Cathy said…
Very creative! I like how you quilted the cross to look like wood. I'm impressed with the little INRI too.
Your Cross quilt is beautiful! I managed to finish one WIP--lots more to go!!
Angie, this is just beautiful. Takes me back to my days growing up in the Catholic church, AND resonates with the memories and emotions currently experienced while reading The Temple and The Stone. Congratulations on the commission. And I don't blame you a bit for putting off the piping. LOL
Deanna said…
Angie, The commissioned quilt for the Bishop is beautiful!! I really like how you did the wood for the cross!! I know he will really enjoy it!
Muv said…
Hello Angie,

Just linked up for the first time!

What a beautiful Lenten project - Lovely picture of Our Lady, too.

Thank you for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks!

Love, Muv
Ann said…
What a clever reworking of your first pattern. Love the details in stitching.
Denise :) said…
Wow ... very beautiful!! :)
Kate said…
What a great concept for your Bishop's quilt. Beautifully done.
Rachaeldaisy said…
The Bishop will be so pleased with this beautiful quilt!
judith said…
So happy for the recipient to get one of your wonderful pieces of art. Talented you are, my friend. He will be pleased I am sure.
Ha! Found your secret link. What a nice idea to link to such an appropriate piece for Lent! Great job you did on this, especially the quilted letters. The old linky is full of great projects as well.