Hexie Weekend is Quilting Weekend this time

No hexie progress here. But I'm happy to report I am pin basting the commissioned quilt at this time, so hopefully I can start the quilting this afternoon.  Here's what the test corner block looks like(different fabrics):

I'm wondering if you can guess what the layout is other than on point blocks.  

As for hexies,  go to:
Sarah's, Rosa's, the Hexie Blog, and Karen's for some lovely hexagons and hexie progress. Leave me a comment or your hexiness or whatever eye candy you are making and I'll send someone 100  1"  hexagon paper pieces (made from recycled cards).  Good luck and thanks for stopping by and sharing.


  1. So happy that you are quilting tonight. You can find my hexies for this month here; http://hexagonalley.blogspot.no/2014/05/my-april-hexies.html

  2. I love those fabrics and I have no idea what the design will be....except beautiful.

  3. I am currently working on a wall hanging. And, I have no idea what the layout is. But, looking forward to you sharing this with us.


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