Hexie Weekend of Sorts

Since I've been working on that commissioned quilt, haven't had time to do much else, so I'd like to share with you one of my favorite blogs instead.  And she has hexies this time!
Kerry found these in New York city's Central Park.  Go here to learn her story.  Kerry has a wonderful blog with gorgeous applique (my other love) featured prominantly on it.  You'll see some fabulous work there - and she so graciously shares it with us.  Check out her tutorials, too. She makes it look easy.

No linky party this Friday, but you can link if you have a finish to my previous post for TGIFF.  I define a finish very loosely cuz I know how short of time we can be.  So a finish could be a block, a top - anything that moved you forward and let you feel progress had been made.  Like Kerry says, "making a quilt...one stitch at a time."


  1. If you like these tiles, you have to look at the tiles of Barcelona! You find pictures with Google. Have fun


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