FMQ - Stippling on white

with invisible thread!!!  This is the hardest thing I have done while doing FMQ.  I have to take a 20 minute break after each triangle so I won't go cross-eyed.  Can't show the quilt - it's a surprise. Back to Leah's to view eye candy.


Ah darn!! I wanted to see it.... ha ha ha.... Good luck with the rest of the quilting... Hugs, Karen
Janine said…
That does sound difficult! Good luck and have a great week :)
Karen H said…
You are a terrible tease! I bet the quilting looks fabulous and that it will be worth the effort and the struggle!
Sue Daurio said…
Oh the suspense, can't wait. I have such a hard time with stippling. Man and then add the invisible thread, yikes!!