Design Wall Monday

Stash Report - too miniscule to bother - numbers stay the same.

Such a busy week ahead!  Spent the weekend trying to prep for at least some progress during the week in those few minutes between things.
A new pile of flannel squares to start another rag quilt for St. Anne's.  Applique pieces  for my Block 2 of Benjamin Biggs quilt.  Hexies and leaves for my Soupçon row.  What's on your design wall?  More at Judy's Design Wall Monday and Lyn's BOMs Away!


  1. really get prepared! Did you wash your flannels first?

  2. No, I didn't Billie - these squares were already cut when they were given to St. Anne's. These quilts get washed 3 times after assembly, so it will all shrink the same amount. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Looks like it was a prep week for both of us. :) I love your stylus thingy.

  4. About the same thing that was there last week. =) I did a little cutting on Saturday, and prepped a Comfort and Joy block today - the first since last August!

  5. Hi!!!!! Looks like fun is getting ready to happen!!!!


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